Call the Midwife has given fans another episode to get teary-eyed over.

Since it first arrived on our screens back in 2012, Call the Midwife has been one of the most popular shows on TV.

At its absolute peak in the first few series, the show was pulling in a staggering 11 million viewers per episode but even now, as Call the Midwife airs its ninth series, a weekly audience of around 8-9 million still tune in on a regular basis.

The show’s popularity undoubtedly comes from its good-hearted nature as well its fascinating and historically-inspired storylines, it’s perfect weekend viewing. 

Call the Midwife’s most recent episode, the fourth of series 9, again managed to pull on the heartstrings of viewers with a touching storyline about a character by the name of George.  

The story of episode 4

Like most episodes of Call the Midwife, we follow a number of different story threads throughout. 

This time around, with the future of Nonnatus House looking uncertain thanks to the threat of demolition, Sister Julienne agrees to take in four young male junior doctors and house them at the convent as part of their training, a move that doesn’t prove popular with everyone.

Meanwhile, Fred and Reggie meet and befriend 60-year-old George, a man who lives alone in condemned housing and breeds pigeons.

Spotlight on George Benson

We first meet George Benson, played by the brilliant Phil Daniels, when Fred is out on his rounds. He hears a disturbance coming from a block of empty flats and discovers George, a 60-year-old man who lives alone, has a nasty-sounding cough and breeds pigeons.

When George is taken seriously ill, it’s revealed that it is his pigeons, more specifically their droppings are making him ill and he’s left with the heart-wrenching task of letting his birds go. 

Fans react to his touching storyline

It’s safe to say that George’s story struck a chord with Call the Midwife fans as plenty of them took to Twitter following the episode to share their thoughts on the touching story.

One Twitter user commented: “Outstanding, moving performance by Phil Daniels as George the pigeon man.”

While another simply added: “Poor George.”

And finally, this fan had more of a connection to George than most: “Finding this episode of call the midwife a little upsetting! George reminds me so much of my grandfather!”

Call the Midwife series 9 continues with its fifth episode on February 2nd on BBC One.

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