TikTok users have been dancing to this song for months but what song actually is it?

The internet is full of weird and wonderful trends that come and go throughout the year. 

The video-sharing site TikTok has been a hotbed of these trends in recent months with users of the site all wanting to do the latest challenge or dance to the latest songs.

One song that has been hugely popular among TikTokers is one which has gone by the name of ‘Renegade’ thanks to its lyrics but this isn’t actually the song’s title.

Dancing on TikTok

One of TikTok’s key draws is the huge group of creators who post short videos of themselves dancing or lip-syncing to a host of popular songs.

This has seen a number of creators rise to online fame as their well-choreographed dance routines have no doubt been copied by young and adoring fans in their thousands.

The Renegade song on TikTok

This particular trend was at its height in the final few weeks of 2019 and saw TikTokers dancing along to a song which has become known as ‘Renegade’ thanks to the song’s lyrics.

However, despite featuring the lyrics ‘Renegade, renegade, renegade,’ the song in question, which can be heard in the videos above and below, has actually got a different name.

What’s the song? 

The song in question is titled Lottery and is by the 29-year-old rap artist K Camp, the music video for which has amassed over 6.8 million views since it was uploaded in June 2019.

Lottery features as the last song to appear on K Camp’s 2019 album Wayy 2 Critical and was also one of the album’s lead singles in the run-up to release.

How can I learn the dance?

If you too want to take to TikTok with some sweet dance moves but aren’t too sure of how to learn the dance itself, don’t you worry.

A YouTuber by the name of Learn How to Dance has created the video below to help out aspiring dancers. 

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