Logan Paul may be one of YouTube’s biggest stars but he’s now turned his attention to the big screen.

While celebrities of yesteryear were almost exclusively the likes of film, TV and sports stars, the whole definition of being a celebrity has gone through a radical change in recent years thanks to the rise of YouTube and its content creators. 

Now, viewers in their millions tune into videos posted effectively from someone’s bedroom on an almost daily basis.

Given the huge popularity of some YouTube stars, their fame has resulted in them moving away from their usual YouTube domain in favour of other projects.

One such project that’s about to make waves is a film by the name of Airplane Mode which features a cast of some of the biggest stars YouTube has to offer.  

What is Airplane Mode about?

Airplane Mode follows YouTube star Logan Paul playing a fictionalised version of himself as he and a whole host of YouTube stars embark on a perilous plane journey to one of the biggest social media conventions in the world.

While a simple plane journey is usually a fairly routine part of travelling, things start to go wrong when the cabin full of social media superstars ignore warnings from the plane’s captain and refuse to switch on their phones’ aeroplane mode.

The huge amount of phone activity plays havoc with the plane’s controls, killing the pilots and leaving Logan Paul to land the plane safely.

Where to watch

Airplane Mode was supposed to come out back in 2017 but its release was put back after Logan Paul was at the heart of a controversy surrounding a trip to Japan where he uploaded a video to YouTube featuring the corpse of a man who had recently committed suicide.

However, that couldn’t stop the release of the film in the long run and Airplane Mode is finally here.

Not to be confused with the Brazillian film of the same name on Netflix, the Logan Paul-starring Airplane Mode is available to buy or rent from Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play as well as on DVD.

Who’s in the cast?

Other than Logan Paul playing a fictionalised version of himself, there’s a whole host of notable names in the cast from the world of YouTube as well as some professional actors for good measure.

  • Logan Paul as himself
  • Chloe Bridges
  • Juanpa Zurita
  • King Bach
  • Amana Cerny
  • David Dobrik
  • Nick Swarsdon
  • Casey Neistat 
  • Roman Atwood
  • Stephen Guarino
  • Arielle Vandenberg
  • Kevin Heffernan
  • Mikaela Hoover
  • Lorynn York
  • Hal Alpert
  • Beverly Polcyn
  • Chris Wylde
  • Erik Griffin
  • Antoine Dodson
  • Timothy Brennan
  • James Frey
  • Stacey Scowley
  • Cassie Brennan
  • Jake Brennan
  • Richard Whiten
  • James Puildo

The following social media stars also appear in the film as fictionalised versions of themselves. 

Lele Pons, Andrew Bachelor, Nick Bateman, Jon Paul Piques, Brittany Furlan, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Jérôme Jarre, Alex Wassabi, Anwar Jibawi, Kyle Myers, Curtis Lepore, Lauren Elizabeth, Jerry LaBranche and Paige Ginn.

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