A supposedly reliable Resident Evil leaker has said that there are new Silent Hill games in development at Konami.

Silent Hill is one of the best horror video game franchises that has sadly been tarnished over the past decade with terrible movies starring a beardless Jon Snow and Konami cancelling an exciting project by renowned auteur Hideo Kojima. While this has all been more terrifying and disturbing than the actual games that are designed to be upsetting and scary, there could be good news from the mouth of a “reliable Resident Evil leaker” if what they say is true.

There are a few bad instalments in the Silent Hill series such as Book Of Memories, Downpour, Shattered Memories and Origins, but then there are fantastic games such as the first, second and third followed by the underrated The Room and Homecoming.

Hideo Kojima’s P.T. was a terrifyingly brilliant teaser which showed that the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding director hade the potential to craft the best instalment, but that was unfortunately cancelled thanks to a whole messy ordeal that pretty much everyone remembers.

While it’s a shame we’ll never see Kojima’s vision fully realised, it doesn’t mean that the Silent Hill franchise is entirely dead as two new games are reportedly in development.

Reliable Resident Evil leaker says Konami are developing new Silent Hill games

Push Square reports that a “very reliable Resident Evil leaker” has revealed that Konami is planning to bring back Silent Hill with two new games.

One of these is said to be a soft-reboot whereas the other is speculated to be an episodic experience which draws inspiration from Telltale games and the better comparison of Until Dawn.

This leaker is AestheticGamer on Twitter. They have posted a couple of tweets saying that Konami “reached out to various developers to pitch ideas for two Silent Hill games”.

It’s said that this happened two-years ago with one planned as a soft-reboot and the other an Until Dawn-inspired companion.

AestheticGamer says they know nothing else about the proposed projects, but they continue to guess that “there’s a high chance one or both of those titles may be revealed this year”.

Following this rumour on Twitter, Rely On Horror have also commented that they’ve heard from their own independent sources that a Silent Hill project is in development.

As for what makes AestheticGamer a “reliable Resident Evil leaker,” Push Square reports that they leaked the existence of Resident Evil 3 back in December 2018 and that the game wasn’t being developed by Capcom’s Division 1 team.

While these whisperings and rumours are very exciting, you shouldn’t treat the existence of new Silent Hill video games as official until Konami make an announcement.

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