How to get Tik Tok's blue eyes filter - don't fall for the S5 trick!

This photo taken on November 21, 2019, shows the logo of the social media video sharing app Tiktok displayed on a tablet screen in Paris. (Photo by Lionel BONAVENTURE

There is a totally safe way of changing your eye colour on TikTok... no need to blind yourself!

TikTok is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms surpassing 1.5 billion downloads as of last year. 

So if you haven't yet hopped onto the platform, it's looking like this is the decade you join the fun. 

One of the main draws of TikTok is the viral trends it creates. From silly challenges such as the 'cereal and milk' challenge to dance crazes, there's something for everyone on there. But one of the latest trends is proving to be more of a prank than a fun fad. 

Here's how to really get your hands on TikTok's blue eye filter and avoid the S5 trick at all costs!


oof this filter makes my eyes so blue #eyewars #oceaneyes #foryoupage #foryou

♬ Avanis Sad Patrick mood - avani

What is the S5 filter?

A new trend has caught on where blue-eyed users convince their TikTok audience of a new filter called 'S5'. They teach their audience how to get the filter in a short demo. It is as follows...

  1. Use the back camera, rather than the front
  2. Turn on flash 
  3. Start creating a video... and your eyes should turn blue

Now, if you're reading this and thinking which idiots would for this trick... there's a lot of us out there. Foolishly, here at HITC, we fell for it. 

Commenters on the below video stated: "Nope still brown...and blind." Another commented: "And now I am blind." We feel your pain.


change ur eye color w 1 filter!! i always use this #browneyes #blueeyes #s5 #foryoupage #duetthis

♬ filter eyes trend - vvaalentinnaa

How do they do the S5 trick?

So, the trick in the video uses the same AR (augmented reality) technology that allows you to also get blue eyes. 

The TikTok user in the video already had blue eyes and used the actual eye-colour filter to change her eye-colour to brown instead of blue. 

Nifty, eh?

It's all just a prank to get users to blind themselves (*hopefully just momentarily*) in their attempts to change shade of iris. 

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How to get the REAL blue eyes filter

If you're desperate to switch up your look and don't want to fall for anymore pranks, don't worry, we've got you covered. 

To get the TikTok filter which changes your eye shade, there are a few very simple steps. All you'll need to do beforehand is check your app is up to date!

  1. Hit the "plus" icon to create a new pic or vid 
  2. Tap the "effects" icon in the bottom left hand screen
  3. Make sure you're on the 'popular' tab and scroll down until you come across the smiley emoji with pretty blue eyes. The filter will then be applied

There are multiple shades to choose from, including light blue, dark blue, brown, lilac, and green. You can alternate between colours by shaking your phone. 

 So bring on the pain-free filter!


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