Silent Witness series 23 has really nailed it with the range of guest stars.

Silent witness is back and better than ever, with stars like Gabrielle Glaister and more dropping in for a piece of the action.

Nigel McCrery’s beloved crime-drama series is easily one of the best things on telly. As soon as you hear that glorious theme tune, you know it’s time to race into the living room with a nice cuppa and get settled. 

It’s been entertaining audiences since way back in 1996, introducing and waving farewell to so many terrific characters over the years. 

The latest series – we’re on 23 – boasts the always-brilliant Emilia Fox and David Caves, as well as some exciting guest stars, including Zoë Harrison, Garry Robson, Stephen Walters and Ellie Dadd. 

The new batch of episodes is off to a gripping start, and it’s certain that Gabrielle Glaister being back on our screens plays a role in such success.

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Gabrielle Glaister stars in Silent Witness

Gabrielle Glaister plays Donna Collyer in Silent Witness series 23. 

Donna is Jenny’s mother and Cat’s grandmother. The 59-year-old English actress has proven a great new addition to the mix, boasting chemistry with such stars as Ellie Dadd and Zoë Harrison. 

Of all the guest stars to feature in the episodes ‘Seven Times’ Part 1 and Part 2, she’s perhaps the most exciting. Here’s why…

Gabrielle Glaister: Movies & TV

She has starred in so much!

According to IMDb, she first appeared on screens in the 1978 film The Class of Miss MacMichael in an uncredited role.

She would later go on to star in a couple more films: 1991’s Buddy’s Song (she played Anthea) and 2018’s Tango One (Chapman).

On the whole, she’s a TV actress and has showcased her talents in some seriously big shows. Across her career, she’s been in Emmerdale (Hilary), Unforgotten (Alison Pinion), Upstart Crow (Judge Robert), Sherlock (Ambassador), Casualty (numerous), Family Affairs (Trish Wallace), Coronation Street (Debs Brownlow) and Brookside (Patricia Farnham). 

Fans of the Rowan Atkinson comedy series will also remember her as Driver Parkhurst in Blackadder Goes Forth and Kate (or Bob, rather!) in Blackadder II

Actors (L-R) Rowan Atkinson, Gabrielle Glaister and Tony Robinson in a scene from episode ‘Major Star’ of the BBC television sitcom ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’, September 1989.

Follow Gabrielle Glaister on Twitter

Be sure to give her a follow!

You can find her over at @gabbyglaister; she currently has over 2,000 followers. 

There are a range of posts promoting and celebrating her appearance in Silent Witness, so it’s definitely worth taking a scroll. 

We hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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