The Trial of Christine Keeler: How many episodes left in captivating BBC drama?

The Trial Of Christine Keeler BBC

The Trial of Christine Keeler has been engrossing audiences on BBC One but how many episodes are in the series?

The British public have always loved a good scandal and in The Trial of Christine Keeler, the BBC drama is telling the story of one of the most well publicised and most damning scandals of them all.

The series tells the engrossing story of the 'Profumo Affair' which, in the early 1960s, became a huge political and security scandal and is thought to have had a huge bearing on the 1964 general election.

Fans of the BBC drama have been treated to five episodes of The Trial of Christine Keeler to date, since the series first aired on December 29th with the most recent episodes really getting down to the heart of the controversial scandal. 

But just how many episodes are in the series in total?

What is The Trial of Christine Keeler about?

The Trial of Christine Keeler tells the story of, unsurprisingly, a woman by the name of Christine Keeler and follows her involvement in the controversial Profumo affair during the early 1960s.

Keeler, who was a model and a showgirl, is reported have had a brief sexual relationship with former Conservative MP John Profumo.

This, in and of itself, is nothing too incriminating. However, the pair were believed to have been introduced by a man called Stephen Ward who became firm friends with a known Russian intelligence officer by the name of Eugene Ivanov who is reported to have had an affair with Keeler at the same time as her relationship with Profumo.

As a result, this led to a nationwide scandal which was covered profusely in the tabloid press not only for the affair between a senior MP, a member of the cabinet and a young model but also because of the security risks of Keeler's affair with Ivanov.

The Trial Of Christine Keeler BBC

There's plenty more to come

Luckily for fans hoping for more, there is one more episode left to go!

The Trial of Christine Keeler is slated to have a total of six episodes, with the sixth instalment in the series heading our way on Sunday, January 26th 2020.

Until then, however, the previous episodes of the captivating BBC drama are available to re-watch on BBC iPlayer.

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