Who is James Blunt’s dad? Emotional Monsters video features singer’s inspirational father

Paul Fogarty

James Blunt’s emotional Monster music video has had fans in tears with a touching tribute to his father.

It goes without saying that music videos are pretty big business.

They help artists and singers get their songs out there and sometimes a good music video can arguably make the song itself take on a whole new meaning.

As a result, we’ve seen everything from ultra-slick and hugely expensive videos to more simple video clips.

The new video for James Blunt’s song Monsters falls into the latter of the two categories but that doesn’t stop the song from proving to be an emotional sucker-punch.

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James Blunt’s Monsters video

The video for James Blunt’s song Monsters is arguably as simple as music videos get but it’s super effective as a result.

The majority of the video focuses in on James Blunt’s face as he sings the hugely emotional song to camera… and that’s it.

That is until we hit the 2:45 min mark in the video and the shot widens to show James sitting in an old-timey kitchen with his father.

James Blunt Monsters

Meet James Blunt’s father

James Blunt’s father is Colonel Charles Blount, a man with a distinguished military career that has seen him inhabit the ranks of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars as a cavalry officer before becoming a helicopter pilot and colonel of the Army Air Corps.

Blount (which is where James’ Blunt stage name comes from) was clearly a huge inspiration to his son who followed his father into military service, a long-standing tradition in the Blount family which reportedly dates as far back as the 10th century.

James Blunt Monsters

Why was he featured in the Monsters video?

The reason why Charles Blount appears in James Blunt’s Monsters music video is simply because the song is about him.

This is because Blunt’s father has been diagnosed with chronic stage-four kidney disease and is in need of a kidney transplant.

And after a career in the military, James Blunt has been conditioned to have a stiff upper lip, as it were, and so has taken to song to express his feelings about his father and his illness, almost as if it’s a touching farewell to his father.

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