We may already have Baby Yoda in the Star Wars franchise but fans won’t be satisfied until we get this cute critter.

Since the original trilogy, Star Wars has always featured plenty of cute and cuddly critters to populate its vast and sprawling universe.

As well as the seven-foot-tall teddy bear that is Chewbacca, fans have also been given the adorable Ewoks, the Porgs and more recently, thanks to The MandalorianThe Child or Baby Yoda to give him his adopted internet name.

These loveable creatures have been taken to the hearts of Star Wars fans for decades but now, thanks to the rise of Baby Yoda, fans have one thing firmly on their mind, a baby version of Chewbacca.  

Star Wars fans call for Baby Chewbacca

While Baby Yoda has completely taken over the internet since appearing in The Mandalorian, Star Wars fans are still not satisfied and have been calling to see a baby Wookie or even better a Baby Chewbacca.

One fan on Twitter commented: “make a baby chewbacca then we’ll talk…”

While another added: “Where is baby Chewbacca?! He’d have my heart for sure”

And finally, this tweet offers up a glimpse of what Baby Chewie could look like and is definitely, 100% not a tiny dog. 

What would Baby Chewie look like?

Technically speaking, a baby Wookie already exists in the history of Star Wars thanks to the infamous Holiday Special.

During the bizarre Life Day celebrations, Chewie returns to his home planet of Kashyyyk and once there, we get a glimpse of his furry family.

As well as wife Malla and father Itchy, we also meet Chewie’s son, Lumpawaroo (or Lumpy for short) but for fans hoping for another adorable Star Wars creature, akin to Baby Yoda, the results are a tad underwhelming but then he was created in 1978.

However, we’re sure that if we were to get a baby/child Wookie now, they’d almost certainly be given a makeover to cute them up a bit. 

Baby Jabba is also a thing

In the wake of the Baby Yoda meme storm that followed the release of The Mandalorian, 3D artist Leonardo Viti turned their attention towards one of the most repulsive creatures in all of Star Wars, the infamous slug crime lord Jabba the Hutt.

What’s surprising, however, is that despite the utter horror that is adult Jabba, Leonardo Viti’s take on a Baby Jabba is a far cuter affair and could easily be a chubby-cheeked human baby.

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