Fans of Pokémon and MMO video games will soon be able to enjoy the Early Access for Temtem as its release time for Steam on PC is fast-approaching.

Despite it only being January, Temtem is one of the most anticipated games of the year thanks to it being a monster catching MMO with obvious similarities to the renowned Nintendo series Pokémon. For those who have seen its trailers or have merely become excited by all the hype surrounding it, the good news is that you’ll be able to play incredibly soon as its Early Access release time for Steam on PC isn’t too far off.

Despite there being some notable differences between the pair, Temtem has mostly been compared to Pokémon as it’s been described as an unapologetic ode and love-letter. With that being said, gamers needn’t worry about it just being a poor imitation as the game does appear to be fun and addictive through both its own and borrowed merits.

For those who are eager to catch em’ all in this highly-anticipated MMO, the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long for its Early Access release time.

What is the Early Access for Temtem?

The Early Access for Temtem is a version of the MMO that will differ from the full release. Developer Crema have posted an explanation on Steam for why they believe Early Access is useful for them to be successful:

“With our previous game, Immortal Redneck, it became clear that we should have involved the community early on in development and not have waited for the game’s release to start receiving feedback.

We made some assumptions that led to us not putting enough effort into certain areas of the game, and that ended up hurting the game’s perception by the public and got us off to a not-so-great start.”

As for how long the game will remain in Early Access, the answer is unfortunate for those wanting a full release sooner rather than later:

“Temtem will be in Early Access until we feel the game is complete enough for its release. Based on our current estimations that will be sometime during Q2 2021 or Q3 2021.”

In regard to what the Early Access version will include, developer Creama have shared the following:

“In terms of content, 50% of the game’s content is already available including the 3 first islands, 80+ Temtem and over 20h of gameplay with the current campaign content.

Most of the basic multiplayer features are already implemented too: the game is fully playable in co-op, other players can be seen running around in the world and interactions like PVP or trading are also available.”

What is the Early Access release time for Temtem on Steam?

The Early Access release time for Temtem on PC and Steam is January 21st at 10:00 PST and 13:00 EST.

It’ll also only be available in Early Access form at 19:00 CET and 18:00 GMT. It can be purchased on Steam or the Humble Bundle store

As for what its price is, there unfortunately isn’t one listed on either platform. However, the developers have shared on Twitter that it’ll cost $34.99 and £27.99.

Crema’s Early Access for Temtem will only be available on PC, but the MMO will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when it’s fully released.

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