A guide for how to find the Golden Gazelle Antler in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to complete the Animorphaline Accident quest.

Although it’s far from perfect with many deeming that it doesn’t live up to its potential, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is still a fun experience thanks to its legendary source material, open playground and numerous quests. There’s a dozen side-missions in the game with one called the Animorphaline Accident, and this requires you to attain a Golden Gazelle Antler which is frustratingly difficult thanks to it being rare.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a single-player RPG that almost perfectly replicates the world of its iconic anime series. With that being said, it does suffer from some drawbacks with most of its side-missions being fetch quests which require you to bounce around the game’s map in order to gather items to bring back to an NPC.

This applies to the Animorphaline Accident quest which asks you to gather a High-Quality Herb, Meaty River Snail and Golden Gazelle Antler. With it just being the latter that seems to be causing people to rage, below you’ll discover only how to locate the Golden Gazelle Antler as its compatriots are pretty much straightforward and harder to miss.

How to find the Golden Gazelle Antler in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The location of the Golden Gazelle Antler can be found in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot at Blake Bog.

Once you venture to this part of the world map, you will want to fly about until you hear and find an NPC atop a wooden construction of stairs overlooking a field.

This NPC will be talking about Gazelles with golden fur, and the direction they’re looking in will show a herd with a single individual that is glowing.

How to get the Golden Gazelle Antler in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Head to Blake Bog to get the Golden Gazelle Antler in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Once you’ve done that and found the relevant NPC, you’ll want to drop down from the wooden construction and sprint to the golden Gazelle. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll get its Antler as you’ll probably pick up meat instead.

It’s been suggested online that you will pick up meat the first time and then the Antler on your second effort. This is mere speculation, but if you’re given meat just save your game and load to have the Golden Gazelle appear again.

If you keep being rewarded with meat rather than the Antler, you will want to speak to Mr. Popo just to ensure the quest is active.

A lot of people have been complaining that it takes too long for a Golden Gazelle Antler to drop, so the quest item seems to mostly be about perseverance. Just stick with it until you get what you need.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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