Explained theme song on Netflix: Who composed it? How can I download the tune?

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Can't get that song out of your head? You're not alone.

Learning never felt so fun...

Most of us look to Netflix for entertainment, and often, this tends to come in the form of fiction, with dramas, comedies and genre work dominating our attention.

However, sometimes we reach the evening and our brain announces that we're not done with learning for the day. The obvious remedy for this restlessness is to stick a documentary on. Non-fiction filmmaking has become an even more popular phenomenon in recent years, and few have capitalised on this better than the esteemed streaming service. 

One of the best they have to offer is undoubtedly Explained, which offers a wealth of insight into numerous things across palatable and breezy episodes. 

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Explained on Netflix: Intro song

Season 2 is going down an absolute treat, and as we continue to explore this batch of new episodes, we find ourselves becoming increasingly addicted to the intro song. 

It's great, isn't it!

Well, the piece of music comes courtesy of composer Jackson Greenberg and is available to listen to on the likes of Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud among others.

If you're a big documentary fan - or even of TV at wide - then chances are you've heard his work beyond the Explained intro...

The great Jackson Greenberg

Remember the charming Netflix show Dating Around which premiered earlier in 2019?

If so, then we're sure you also remember the lovely music which accompanied it; yeah, that was the work of Jackson Greenberg!

He's composed the music for a number of short films, from 2011's I'm Here: A Requiem for the Kids to Kate & Lily, but there's some TV in his oeuvre too, including Herman, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On and Afflicted

Perhaps more notably, on the other hand, he was responsible for the music featured in the 2015 documentary Cartel Land. If you haven't seen it, you certainly should - it's utterly fascinating. Other credits include City of Ghosts and Maybe Next Year

Follow him on Instagram! 

You can find Jackson on Instagram at @jxngreenberg; he currently has 1,171 followers. 

Lately, a number of fans have taken to Twitter to express how much they love the intro song, with one writing: "Why does the explained theme song slap so hard?"

Another tweeted: "They finally put the Explained theme song on Apple Music, this is a day to be remembered," while one admirer joked: "Hear me out... a rave, but it’s just the intro song to Explained."

We think we'd be down for that!

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