Fans desperate to see the return of Fortnite YouTuber Fe4RLess continue to worry that he’s dead.

There’s a lot of famous content creators linked to Fortnite with arguably the biggest right now being Ninja. While the blue-haired streamer has recently been rewarded with his own skin in the Battle Royale title, another by the name of Fe4RLess continues to be absent with fans irrationally concerned that he’s dead.

One of the reasons Fortnite has continued to be so successful is because of content creators continuously streaming and promoting it on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This is a beneficial situation for both parties as it results in growth and fame for some content creators while Epic Games’ product continues to remain mainstream and everywhere.

In acknowledgement of how influential content creators have been for Fortnite, Epic Games have announced a new Icon Series which has started with Ninja and will continue with TheGregG and Loserfruit.

However, while these YouTubers and streamers are becoming a part of something special, there is many in the community who are still wondering about the whereabouts of Fe4RLess.

Is Fe4RLess dead?

No, Fortnite YouTuber Fe4RLess isn’t dead.

The rumour about him being dead mostly stems from his lack of uploads in recent months along with a Wikitubia page which says he “passed away on December 12, 2019”.

Fe4RLess’ most recent video is My Renegade Raider and it was uploaded three months ago. While the lack of content since is disappointing for his fans, it’s nothing new as the video before that was uploaded five months ago meaning there was a two month gap in-between.

Rumours about Fe4RLess being dead are also nothing new as people were concerned about his safety and whereabouts only 9 months ago.

While he’s currently no longer uploading content onto YouTube, it’s false to say that he hasn’t been active as two weeks ago he commented on a video titled I got into a game with Fe4RLess, he hates me…(not clickbait).

There’s no way of knowing when the next video will be uploaded on his channel, but he’s not dead and that’s all that can be said about his disappearance.

But, for those of you who are impatiently awaiting the next video, try to take comfort in knowing that Ceeday went missing four months ago only to recently upload two videos in two weeks.

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