Saving Zoe, which has just arrived on streaming services Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

As Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and other similar shows prove, there’s plenty of appetite for school-based teen dramas.

It’s hardly surprising then to see streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon pick up films and TV shows that fit the bill.

A new addition to Netflix US’s collection is Saving Zoe, a school-based drama that is packed with plenty of intrigue as the lead characters try to piece together the events that led up to the titular Zoe’s death.

Spoilers ahead for Saving Zoe.

What is Saving Zoe about?

Saving Zoe, based on the Alyson Noël novel of the same name, follows a high school girl by the name of Echo (Laura Marano) just as she’s starting her freshman year.

It’s been a year since Echo’s big sister Zoe (Vanessa Marano) was murdered by an unknown assailant and her loss still haunts Echo and her family with Echo still seeing visions of her sister as she goes about her day.

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While at school, Echo comes across Zoe’s former boyfriend and she discovers that he is in possession of her sister’s old diary and while reading it, Echo not only starts to learn more about the events leading up to Zoe’s death but also becomes more and more like Zoe herself.

Who killed Zoe?

Unlike most murder mysteries, which end with the killer getting revealed and locked up at the very end of the film, in Saving Zoe we learn that Zoe’s killer is already behind bars for the crime in question.

What we do learn more about, however, is the way in which Zoe was killed and it’s pretty dark, especially at something aimed at teenagers.

It’s revealed that a man by the name of Jason sexually assaulted Zoe and her friend Carly after drugging their drinks and recorded the harrowing act to upload to a subscription-based website that serves as a home for child pornography.

Following on from that, a friend of Jason sees the video of Zoe on this seedy website and hopes to lure Zoe into a trap. 

It’s revealed in her diary that Zoe was an aspiring actress and model and she agreed to take part in a photoshoot with this mysterious stranger who was posing as a photographer, promising to advance her modelling career.

However, attending this photoshoot proved to be fatal for Zoe as the so-called photographer slit her throat and killed her.

How to watch

Saving Zoe first arrived in July 2019 and enjoyed a very brief cinema run after releasing on July 12th.

As 2020 rolled around, however, Saving Zoe was picked up by the streaming services Netflix in the US and Amazon Prime Video here in the UK and is available to stream now.