Meet Phil Davis: Silent Witness actor has appeared on BBC drama before!

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Silent Witness fans were quick to spot devious actor Phil Davis in the latest pair of episodes.

Despite entering its 23rd series, BBC One's Silent Witness has remained incredibly popular weeknight viewing with between eight and nine million viewers still tuning in for episodes.

One of the key components to the series' success is the way in which the episodes are grouped and split into two parts, bringing audiences something new with each episode, with both a main cast and a host of one-off guest stars bringing each new episode to life. 

While most guest stars will appear in one pair of episodes and then never be seen again, the series 23 episodes Close to Home featured an actor, Phil Davis, who has, in fact, appeared on Silent Witness before in a career that spans nearly five decades.

But when did Phil Davis appear on Silent Witness last and what else has the actor been in?

Phil Davis in Silent Witness series 23

Episodes 3 and 4 of Silent Witness series 23 tell the story Close to Home, which follows the Lyell team as they attempt to work out what happened to teenager Jason Forbes.

While the police are searching for a quick result, evidence suggests that the investigation has not found the real killer.

In the second half of the two-part episode, it's revealed that Phil Davis's character, Henry Ramsden, who has been going by the alias of Mick Jessop, is the one who is behind the abduction and murder of Jason Forbes and anyone who's seen Phil Davis in anything before won't be surprised about that. 

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Not for the first time

As mentioned, Phil Davis's appearance in series 23 of Silent Witness is, in fact, his second on the show.

Back in 2008, the actor played Derek Pargeter in the series 12 episodes Death's Door and unsurprisingly played a prickly character who, while not the killer on this occasion, did play a part in that episode's gruesome murder and it is a gruesome one.

Aside from Silent Witness though, Phil Davis has appeared in over 140 acting roles since his career began in 1972.

The most prominent of which have come in more recent years with the actor appearing in the likes of Poldark, Silk as well as the first episode of Sherlock to name a few.

Sherlock Phil Davis

Fans react to Phil Davis in Silent Witness

Silent Witness fans were surprisingly pleased to see Phil Davis appear in the new batch of episodes and it came as absolutely no surprise to anyone to see the 66-year-old actor playing the episode's murderer.

One fan, who took to Twitter, commented: "Phil Davis always plays a good dodgy character!"

While this fan made a reference to Davis's Taxi Driver appearance on Sherlock: "Never trust Phil Davis when he’s driving something."

And finally, this Twitter user added: "Last nights Silent Witness was very good one of the best actors in this country Phil Davis came across very creepy." 

Silent Witness continues on BBC One on Monday, January 20th at 9pm. 

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