How to land 30 hits with Bananas in Mario Kart Tour while using a driver wearing a tie.

The Mario Kart Tour Ice event has begun, and it has brought with it wintertime Peach along with penguin Luigi and a notorious course in Frappe Snowland. In addition to all of these new arrivals, the second event of the new decade has also brought about a set of new challenges which include daunting missions such as landing 30 hits with Bananas while using a driver wearing a tie.

For those who are unaware, the Frappe Snowland is an infamous course for having been the Nintendo 64’s “most broken track“. Yet, while notorious, it’s arrival has excited plenty of people who still reminisce about the good old days.

Nintendo’s new Ice Tour is largely eventful and fun for everything it has added, but some of its challenges are perhaps more difficult and time-consuming than others.

Which Mario Kart Tour drivers are wearing a tie?

There are only a few Mario Kart Tour drivers wearing a tie to complete the land 30 hits with Bananas challenge.

These drivers wearing a tie are as follows:

  • Donkey Kong

  • Musician Mario

  • Bus driver Waluigi

Waluigi as a bus driver is probably the easiest to complete Nintendo’s challenge with, but Donkey Kong is also doable unlike Musician Mario.

Mario Kart Tour: How to land 30 hits with Bananas with a driver wearing a tie

Bus driver Waluigi is arguably the easiest driver wearing a tie to land 30 Banana hits with in Mario Kart Tour.

This is because of his special skill Triple Bananas which – as its name suggests – allows him to either throw or shield himself with three Bananas.

Although he’s the easiest to complete the challenge with in our view, Donkey Kong is also good enough thanks to his special skill Giant Banana.

This allows King Kong’s brother to drop a gigantic Banana in the middle of the track for someone to crash into. And when this happens it results in three normal-sized pieces of fruit appearing on the course for more unsuspecting drivers to hit.

Provided you have either Waluigi Bus Driver or Donkey Kong at your disposal, you’ll want to compete on their Favoured Courses so they can pick up three items simultaneously and have a chance at getting frenzy.

In addition to picking their favoured courses, you’ll also want to wear gliders that provide Banana Plus such as BBIA Parafoil, Flower Glider and BaNaNa Parafoil.

Once you meet the above conditions in regard to driver, course and glider, the only other step is to do numerous races while trying to hit as many competitors as possible with Bananas.

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