We’re loving the filters, but we’re especially happy to announce the one with the Friends characters.

As it’s making the rounds, let’s highlight how to get the ‘Which Friends Character Are You?’ filter on Instagram. 

If you’ve always wanted to clarify which Friends character is your spirit animal, then Insta has got you covered. 

David Crane and Marta Kauffman’s American sitcom is hands down one of the most universally loved shows of all time – and that’s no exaggeration. 

The following it has earned since it first began airing back in 1994 is nothing short of astonishing. Across ten seasons, audiences began to consider the cast… well, friends, really!

There are so many memorable and moving episodes that have cemented themselves into the wider TV hall of fame, and with the recent trend of ‘Which character are you?’ it was only a matter of time before this one surfaced… 

Which Friends cast member are you?

Are you more of a Rachel Green or a Phoebe Buffay? How about Monica Geller? 

We suspect many will be thinking fan-favourite Joey Tribani! 

The latest ‘Which [] character are you?’ to make waves is ‘Which Friends character are you?’ on Instagram and some of the results and reactions have been pretty hilarious. 

Essentially, you’re given a character through a roulette of sorts. There have been some great variations on the feature so far, including Disney characters. 

So, let’s talk about how to get the Friends edition. 


How to get the ‘Which Friends Character Are You?’ on Instagram

As highlighted by Elite Daily, here are instructions to get the filter if you’ve seen it on somebody else’s story:

– “Locate a friend’s Story that shows them using the Friends filter.

– Select the ‘Which Friends’ filter title on the top left of the screen.

– See the menu with the options: ‘Try It,’ ‘Save Effect,’ ‘Send To,’ and ‘More.’

– Click on Save Effect. This will save the filter to your Instagram Stories camera.”

On the other hand, they also provide instructions to get it without having seen it elsewhere:

– “Type the creator’s handle, ‘@natali.zmi’, in the search bar in your Instagram app (this won’t work on your computer).

– You’ll see her saved featured Stories below her info. Select the Story that says ‘FRIENDS MASK’. It will have a purple background with the golden picture frame like the show.

– Watch the Story. You’ll be able to save it to your Stories Camera from there by clicking on the save icon at the bottom of the screen.”


Courteney Cox gives it a go!

Fans were recently delighted to see that Monica-actress Courteney Cox herself tried out the filter (see the above tweet). 

She posted the results to Instagram with the caption: “Finally got Monica…thought I was gonna be Ugly Naked Guy for sure! #identitycrisis.”

Hilariously, it took quite a few attempts before she landed on her own iconic character. Who’d have thought!

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