Season 3 for Call Of Duty Mobile is now available and players can unlock the Outrider Arctic skin.

Call Of Duty Mobile has been a huge success for Activision as it quickly earned 180 million downloads in just its launch quarter. To continue its momentum and keep players around, Activision have launched Season 3 which comes with a bunch of new features including an Outrider Arctic skin that requires jumping through some hoops to unlock.

The third season for Call Of Duty Mobile is the newest update since the Holidays event which added prop hunt and winter raids. Season 3 comes with a new limited-time mode, a couple of additional maps, as well as a unique Battle Royale contest called Warfare.

You can discover everything you need to know about Season 3 by clicking the link below, otherwise keep reading to discover how to unlock the Outrider Arctic skin.

How to unlock the Outrider Arctic skin in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 3

You must link your Call Of Duty account in order to unlock the Outrider Arctic skin.

This is a new skin and feature that has been introduced to Call Of Duty Mobile via Season 3, and it’s a relatively simply process to complete.

If you don’t have a Call Of Duty account, you must first click here to register. Once you’ve done that, simply follow the below steps (via Activision).

  • Open the Call Of Duty Mobile app

  • Select the Settings gear icon at the top of the screen

  • Tap the button in the top right of the screen that shows your preferred social account is linked

  • Select the Call Of Duty button from the options available

  • Once redirected to a new browser, enter the email address and password for your Call Of Duty account to login

For those who are playing with a Guest Account or experiencing Call Of Duty Mobile for the very first time, all you need to do is follow the above instructions but ignore the step about your preferred social account.

Now that you have linked your Call Of Duty account to Mobile, it’s time for you to collect your reward which is the Outrider Arctic skin.

You gain your reward(s) by logging into Call Of Duty Mobile and then accessing your in-game mailbox.

Call Of Duty Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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