Silent Witness fans were left disappointed to find that the much-loved crime drama had been replaced by FA Cup football.

It’s never a nice thing to have an episode of your favourite TV show moved to another date or time.

BBC viewers, hoping to catch the latest episode of Silent Witness, were left disappointed last night (January 14th) as they found that the much-loved crime drama had been replaced by an FA Cup football match between Tottenham Hotspur and Middlesbrough.

This wasn’t so bad for the football fans in the audience but for those anticipating the fourth episode of the new Silent Witness series, it was certainly not what they were hoping to see.

Fans have been left with a burning question following the rescheduling, when will the rescheduled episode be heading to our screens?

Silent Witness series 23

The ever-popular BBC drama Silent Witness returned to our screens on January 7th for its 23rd series. 

Series 23 has kept things mostly the same for the cast of character at Lyell but is set to challenge them five tough new cases, the first of which was told over episodes 1 and 2 and saw the team try to piece together a plane crash and suicide that were somehow mysteriously linked.

When will Close to Home, Part 2 be on TV?

Episode 4 of Silent Witness’s 23rd series will be heading our way tonight, on Wednesday, January 15th.

The episode will air at the usual time of 9pm on BBC One and fans will certainly be eager to see how the Close to Home storyline concludes. 

How many episodes are in series 23 in total? 

In total, series 23 of Silent Witness will feature five stories told over the course of 10 episodes.

The rest of series 23 is expected to fall into the Monday and Tuesday night slots on BBC One, coming to a conclusion on February 4th, unless, of course, there are any more disruptions thanks to any potential football matches on the BBC in the coming weeks.

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