Dante from Devil May Cry is heavily talked about to be the fifth DLC character for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Last Thursday we received an exciting Pokémon Direct that revealed a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon remake as well as DLC for Sword and Shield, and tomorrow us lucky gamers are receiving a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showing that will finally reveal its fifth DLC character. There’s been a ton of speculation as to who this will be, but Dante from Devil May Cry seems to be number one in the betting odds.

A Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3 is slated to launch for the Nintendo Switch only on February 20th, and it’ll come with a unique Style Change system that’ll allow players to experience the action in different ways.

While that’s very exciting for fans of the Nintendo Switch who want to relive arguably the best Devil May Cry instalment, fans of the Capcom series and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will both be equally excited by the pizza-loving Dante being announced as Nintendo’s fifth DLC character if it happens.

Will Dante be the fifth DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Fans of Devil May Cry are hoping that Dante will be announced as the fifth DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It was previously suggested online that a Nintendo Direct would take place on January 16th, but instead we’re receiving a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showing that’ll last roughly 35-minutes.

This showing will reveal the fighting game’s fifth DLC character and a lot of signs are pointing to it being Dante.

As for why this is the situation, it’s because Devil May Cry producer Matt Walker had told fans to expect news on January 16th.

This doesn’t confirm that Dante will be revealed as the fifth DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it does strongly hint at that happening.

We won’t know until tomorrow whether Dante is officially joining the extensive roster or not, but that hasn’t stopped fans from being excited about the prospect.

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