Jett has arrived on UK TV but will the show continue for a second season and beyond?

It’s always a nice feeling when you start a TV show and you’re guaranteed to have several series ahead of you to watch.

However, for brand new shows, that isn’t always the case and if viewing figures or reviews aren’t great, then your new favourite show could be off the air before it ever really gets going.

Cinemax and Sky One viewers will be hoping that new release Jett will be rewarded with a second season after the show has made a positive impact to date.

Sky One viewers, in particular, could be key to the show’s survival if it hopes to push on to season 2.

Jett on Sky One

Jett, which is an import from the US network Cinemax, tells the story of Daisy ‘Jett’ Kowalski, an ex-thief on her first day out of prison, who almost immediately gets dragged straight back into the profession she thought she’d left behind.

The series first aired in the US back in the summer of 2019 but Sky viewers have had to wait until January 2020 to get their first glimpse of the series with the first episode airing on January 7th with the second episode following suit on January 14th.

In total, there are nine episodes in the first season of Jett but once they’re over, will viewers have any more to look forward to?

Will there be a Jett Season 2?

At the time of writing, it is unconfirmed whether Jett will be getting a second season. 

Viewing figures on Cinemax were hardly exceptional, with the first season earning 126,000 viewers on average across the season, but then the premium network often has a limited viewership.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the show performs on Sky in the UK, however, as an impressive viewership here could be the key to Cinemax renewing the show for a new batch of episodes.  

However, fans can take some hope from the fact that Jett’s showrunner reportedly has storylines in mind for a potential second season. 

Speaking to Collider following the US run of Jett, showrunner Sebastian Gutierrez said: “I would love to have future seasons to explore these characters, but I didn’t know that until I was making it.”

“Suddenly, when I was making it, I was like, ‘Oh, yes, I know exactly happens next.”

“It really came from character and the things that were happening, which was really exciting.”

Fans certainly want one

With there being no news on the future of Jett, fans have been repeatedly taking to social media since the show aired to plead for more episodes.

One fan on Twitter commented: “Am I living or waiting for season 2 of Jett??”

While another added: “I miss #JETT and all these memorable characters ! I am crossing my fingers for more ! For Season 2! Thank YOU , Sebastian Gutierrez and all the amazing cast & crew!”

And finally, this fan summed up the wait for season 2 perfectly in gif form.

Chances are, given the fact that the show is filmed in Canada, it is quite likely that a new season wouldn’t arrive until 2021 given that the show would have to be filmed during the summer.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something regarding the future of Jett in the coming months but until then, Sky viewers can enjoy new episodes of Jett at 10pm on Sky One on Tuesdays until the final episode airs on March 3rd or alternatively, the whole show is available to stream via Sky on-demand or Sky’s streaming service, NowTV.  

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