Fans of Sky Atlantic’s Britannia have been calling for a third season but is one on the way?

With Game of Thrones now a thing of the past, attention must turn elsewhere for gripping drama that’s full of action and mystery.

Luckily for Sky Atlantic viewers, season 2 of Britannia (also known as Britannia II) is a sensation!

Episodes have been airing weekly on Sky Atlantic as well as arriving all at once on-demand and on Sky’s Now TV streaming service.

As a result, fans who have managed to binge-watch all 10 episodes of Britannia’s second season have been calling for a third series already. 

Update: Sky revealed on January 15th, 2020 that Britannia has indeed been renewed for a third season for Sky Atlantic and streaming service NowTV. No release date has been announced so far but it is expected to be heading our way in late 2020 but we will, of course, keep you updated with any new information.

Will Britannia be getting a third series?

At the time of writing, nothing has been announced regarding a third season of Britannia.

However, one of the show’s stars – Mackenzie Crook – told the Radio Times: “Nothing has definitely been confirmed, but I know that everyone is hopeful and that preparations are being made [for if a third season is commissioned],

He continued: “Well, the Romans stayed [in Britain] for 400 hundred years so you’ve got a lot of material there and we’re only a couple of years into the invasion, so who knows?”

When did Season 2 start?

Britannia’s second season only launched on November 7th, 2019.

All 10 episodes of the new season are available to stream, however, on-demand and on Sky’s streaming service, Now TV. 

As a result, plenty of Britannia fans have binged their way through all of season 2 and are now calling for a third season. 

Fans are desperate for more! 

It’s always a good sign when fans of TV shows take to social media to call for more from their favourite shows.

Sky will certainly be pleased, therefore, that plenty of Britannia’s viewers are taking to Twitter asking for series 3.

One viewer, anxious for more tweeted: “Outstanding series 2! Best TV of the year. When will we know if a series 3 will happen?”

While another, who was fresh from binging season 2, asked “Just finished binge-watching Britannia 2. Brilliant series hope season 3 has been commissioned?” 

It’s clear that there’s certainly an appetite for more Roman-era action. 

We are likely to learn about any potential third season as Britannia II nears its conclusion just around the corner this January. 

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