Honestly, movie merchandise rarely gets better than this.

Uncut Gems has finally arrived and we all want a Furby chain. 

What a film!

Few films in recent memory have been so anxiety-inducing yet so thoroughly entertaining as Uncut Gems, the latest effort from the incredibly talented Safdie brothers. They have previously helmed such masterclasses as Heaven Knows What and 2017’s Good Time, which saw Robert Pattinson turn in a career-best performance. 

With their new crime-thriller, they get similarly astonishing results from Adam Sandler. Although widely known for his comedic roles, the actor has previously turned in great dramatic work in the likes of Punch-Drunk Love and The Meyerowitz Stories. However, he’s never been better than he is here. 

He’s a force of nature as New York jeweller Howard Ratner, a man taking risks all over town. If he were in fact real, we suspect he’d have thousands of customers lining up at his shop to get their hands on one of those Furby chains…

Uncut Gems: Furby chain

At the beginning of the film, we gather in Howard’s shop with a range of characters including Demany (played by LaKeith Stanfield), Kevin Garnett (as himself) and more. 

When talking about items in the shop, attention swiftly turns to a blinged-out Furby chain. They laugh about it and Howard gives them a little display, showing that the item’s eyes are able to move sideways. It’s explained by Demany that Howard used to kit out some of the rappers in the bling era with merchandise – the Furby being one of his more elaborate creations and claim to fame of sorts. 

It’s a funny little scene, and actually, when the Furby’s eyes shift it looks panicked and in need of escape. This is pretty much how viewers will feel for much of the film… it’s an unbelievably tense ride!

Check out the below video which features the directors talking about it:

Where to buy an Uncut Gems Furby chain

As highlighted by Indiewire, A24 was selling the Furby chain for $250 each. However, since they sold out, eBay sellers have been charging an upwards of $500 for them!

There are currently two available on eBay, both here and here. Once these are sold, it’s likely more will surface. Then again, we suspect the prices will only increase. 

For a cheap alternative, you can always pick up some Uncut Gems Furby-inspired merchandise, as there is currently an iPhone case being sold on Redbubble, along with a pullover hoodie and zipped hoodie.


Uncut Gems’ Furby chain: Best Twitter reactions!

Plenty of audiences have flocked to Twitter to talk about the price of the Furby. 

Check out a selection of tweets:




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