What is the TikTok Jelly Fruit trend? Where to get Jelly Fruits in the UK!

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TikTok has given us plenty of weird and wonderful trends in recent years but this one is for people with a sweet tooth.

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends that come and go on a seemingly never-ending basis.

The video-sharing site TikTok has been responsible for a number of these recently as its short-format videos lend themselves perfectly to people attempting various challenges.

A recent challenge or trend that has blown up on TikTok is being budded as the Jelly Fruit or Fruit Jelly but what exactly is it and how can you try the sweets involved? 

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Video and images from Evil Hero on YouTube. 

What is the TikTok Jelly Fruit challenge?

The TikTok Jelly Fruit challenge sees people effectively just eating sweets (or candy if you prefer).

However, the laughs in this trend come from the sweets themselves as they're basically just balls of jelly with a plastic wrapper around them that once burst, sends jelly spewing all over the person trying to eat the sweet.

TikTok Jelly Fruit Evil Hero Header

Fans go in search of the Jelly Fruit sweets

Naturally, people have been left wondering where they can get hold of these mysterious popping sweets.

Fans have wasted no time in taking to social media to ask about where the sweets can be found.

One Twitter user asked: "Where do you get those jelly fruit thing that keeps showing up on tiktok?"

While another tweeted: "My gf and I literally went to the 99 cents store to look for that damn fruit jelly on TikTok and there were 3 different people looking for it."

This store employee also weighed in, saying: "so many yt kids have been coming into my work for those jelly fruit candies. apparently it’s the new tiktok trend."

TikTok Jelly Fruit Evil Hero

What are the sweets and where can you buy them?

The sweets in question are known as Fruity's Ju-C Jello Bags and are made by Californian-based company Din Don Foods

However, actually finding the sweets in the UK, and at a decent price, is proving tricky for some as TikTok is a global site and Din Don Foods only operates in the US.

However, that hasn't stopped the sweets from making their way to the UK.

Several users of the site Bonanza are selling 25-piece bags of the jelly sweets for around £10-£12.  

Meanwhile, curious shoppers can also find the Ju-C Jello Bags on eBay where users are selling varying quantities at prices between £9 and £38 although it appears that many sellers will be shipping the sweets from the US.

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