Series 23 of Silent Witness is now well underway with new guest stars appearing the latest pair of episodes.

After series 23 of Silent Witness arrived last week, the team at Lyell are now back on another case as the body of a young teenager is found.

In typical Silent Witness fashion, while the main cast of each episode stays the same, every new instalment welcomes a new team of police officers to investigate the case.

While episodes 1 and 2 of the new series starred former Doctor Who actress Adjoa Andoh as a driven and co-operative detective, episodes 3 and 4 have brought in a veteran of over 100 films, TV shows and video game roles to portray an overbearing high-ranking officer.  

The story of episodes 3 and 4

After the Lyell team spent the first two episodes of the new series investigating a suspicious place crash, episodes 3 and 4 take them out of town to a crime scene on the outskirts of the village of Hartford.

The body of a young teenager, Jason Forbes, has been found after he was abducted from home.

While the Lyell team don’t want to rule out any possibilities, the newly introduced and overbearing Assistant Commissioner wants the team to focus their attention on a narrow group of suspects, eager to get a result rather than the right person. 

Introducing Tom Goodman-Hill as AC Tim Holloway

Arriving in the role of AC Tim Holloway is 51-year-old actor Tom Goodman-Hill who, while not necessarily the most household of names in the acting industry, has appeared in over 100 roles throughout his career.

Tom began his career as an amateur actor in Newcastle before earning a degree in Drama and English with a teaching qualification from Warwick University. 

After a brief spell as a supply teacher, he eventually decided to move into acting full-time.

The arrival of Tom Goodman-Hill as the steely determined AC Holloway is met with nervous glances from the Lyell team who recognise that the Assistant Commissioner is after a quick resolution to the investigation rather than a thorough examination. 

What else has Tom Goodman-Hill been in?

As mentioned, Tom Goodman-Hill has over 100 acting roles to his name in various mediums.

His first ever acting role, however, came in 1990 when he appeared in an uncredited role in ITV’s Coasting.

Since then, Tom has gone on to appear in a myriad of films and TV shows with the most prominent being the TV series The Office UK, Mr Selfridge and Humans as well as the films Everest and The Imitation Game.

Another area in which Goodman-Hill regularly appears is video game voice acting with some of big-name titles to his name such as the Harry Potter movie tie-ins, Battlefield 1 and The Witcher 3.

Tom Goodman-Hill is expected to return to Silent Witness in episode 4 which airs on January 15th, 2020. 

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