Who does Matt Smith play in Morbius? Exploring Marvel’s latest villain!


The Doctor Who star teases danger ahead in the new Morbius trailer.

The Morbius trailer has finally emerged and Matt Smith fans are expecting something huge!

Superhero films continue to dominate audience affections, and of course, box office. However, sometimes it can all feel a little saturated... very much of the same. 

Morbius promises to be another exciting antidote to that!

The forthcoming Marvel movie is based on the titular character and sees the studio tackle another Spider-Man character, following up the success of Venom in 2018. In the lead role of Dr. Michael Morbius, we have Jared Leto, who has previously impressed in such films as Dallas Buyers Club and Requiem for a Dream

He wasn't exactly everybody's favourite Joker in Suicide Squad, but here, he has another shot at superhero fame as a doctor with a rare blood disease who goes to extreme lengths for a cure.  

Morbius dir. Daniel Espinosa 2020

Matt Smith stars in Morbius

The trailer teased some pretty exciting stuff headed our way. 

We witness Morbius' powers, which include increased strength and speed and the ability to use echolocation. Yet, with this comes the overpowering urge to consume blood. 

This vampire superhero movie is set to be something interesting. If the Morbius character stuff wasn't enough to entice audiences, a glimpse of Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown) in a mysterious role sure was.

He shows up very briefly in a shot but will be playing the role of Loxias Crown in the film. That's right... Hunger is our villain!

Meet Hunger!

Although it isn't explicitly addressed in the trailer, it's confirmed on IMDb that the 37-year-old English actor will be tackling the role of Hunger. 

Essentially, this villain is the yin to Morbius' yang and exists because of the doctor's character. As outlined by Marvel: "Driven by a desire for power, Loxias Crown is a criminal turned killer. He benefits from experiments conducted on the Living Vampire Morbius and becomes the Vampiric Being known as Hunger, whose bloodlust may outweigh his unwilling maker."

So, we have two vampires in Morbius set to battle it out. 

It's actually more personal than that, though. The film will establish them both as friends and colleagues who both suffer from the same disease, but it will be interesting to see how they both choose different paths that will eventually meet with violent consequences.  

Hunger in the comics

Loxias certainly has his enemies and has clashed with the likes of Spider-Man, Morbius, Kingpin and Blade (naturally). 

The character has links to Hydra, the evil organisation which has been touched upon throughout the MCU timeline. 

According to Marvel, his childhood in the comics was left up to speculation. Things start when - as an adult - Hunger becomes interested in scientists at Empire State University. However, he kills one of them and flees, returning seven years later only to be taken down by Spider-Man himself. 

Obviously, it doesn't end there, and he later joins forces with the aforementioned Hydra. He strikes up a relationship with Dr. Andrea Janson, who assists Dr. Morbius in his search for a cure. This is when the two meet, but once Morbius finds out the Hunger's connection to Hydra he sacrifices himself to take him down. Instead of dying, he is experimented on, resulting in him becoming a vampire.

It's already clear that the film has its own ideas it wants to explore - let's hope Matt Smith nails the role!

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