Something new is heading to the shelves in 2020.

Christmas has only just left us for another year and already supermarkets are planning ahead for the upcoming festivities such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

The tinsel and Christmas music of advent has been replaced with boxes of chocolates, flowers and cards taking their place.

On top of that, Easter Eggs are slowly starting to make their way into shops for those of you who want to be extra prepared.

However, there’s a new addition to the shelves in 2020 as Fry’s Turkish Delight is getting its own Easter Egg.

The Fry’s Turkish Delight Easter Egg

Annoyingly, the Turkish Delight Easter Egg is, as you’d expect, just a simple chocolate egg that comes with a packet of Fry’s Turkish Delight alongside in the box rather than a huge solid egg filled with Turkish Delight.

The new Easter Egg is part of a new collection from chocolate masters Cadbury who also own Fry’s.

The Heritage Collection, as it’s being called, features a range of Easter Eggs that some would describe as unconventional with Bourneville, Fry’s Chocolate Cream and Maynard Bassetts’ Wine Gums all getting eggs in the collection.

Where to buy

Shoppers eager to try the new Turkish Delight Easter Egg will have to venture to Iceland as they are the only supermarket currently stocking the tasty new treat, which is priced at just £2. 

Chocolate lovers can go straight to Cadbury’s Gifts Direct site if they want to get their hands on the Turkish Delight egg or one of the others in the Heritage Collection but here they are priced at the slightly more expensive £3.99.

A bit premature?

While chocolate lovers will no doubt revel at the chance of trying out a new variety of Easter Egg, you can’t help but think that releasing Easter Eggs in mid-January when Easter itself is three months away on April 12th, is a tad on the early side. 

Either way, you can be sure that the new Turkish Delight Easter Egg will go down a treat. 

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