EE have gone big with their latest advert for 5G data.

There’s a lot to be said for having a catchy or recognisable song in an advert.

A well-known song that people will remember can sometimes be key to an advertising campaign and mobile giants EE have clearly taken that on board with their latest commercial for superfast 5G data.

The advert manages to show off the incredible power of 5G internet speeds with a mind-blowing sequence while also featuring one of the biggest songs of the last decade.

The EE 5G advert

The advert in question sees EE’s trusty stalwart Kevin Bacon showing off the power of 5G as he invites a women to check out what’s about to be shown on a phone and they are treated to an all-new musical experience.

Through 5G, we see a stunning AR (augmented reality) musical performance take place in a train station that sees CGI elements superimposed over the real-life image to create a truly mind-blowing event.

What’s the song?

EE have clearly spared no expense with their music budget as the song used in the advert is 2012’s Pompeii by British band Bastille.

The song is the band’s biggest hit by a long, long way and was easily one of the biggest songs of the year, even being turned into a hilarious Paul Blart: Mall Cop-themed meme.

Who’s the singer?

The singer in the advert is, of course, none other than Bastille’s own frontman Dan Smith. 

We see the singer introduce the AR experience before he embarks on a unique rendition of Bastille’s Pompeii.  

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