James May goes it alone as he takes on Japan and comes across plenty of colourful characters along the way.

While he’s best known for being ‘Captain Slow’ in the former Top Gear and now The Grand Tour trio alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, James May is often one for branching out on his own.

And more often than not, James May’s standalone shows are really rather brilliant with James May’s Toy Stories, James May’s Manlab and James May: The Reassembler all particular highlights.

Now though, James May has taken it upon himself to travel the length of one of the most fascinating countries in the world, Japan.

The new series, James May: Our Man in Japan, follows the intrepid adventurer as he journies from the northern tip of Japan to the south of the ancient archipelago. 

However, it transpires that it is not James but rather his tour guide, Yujrio, who steals the show in hilarious fashion.

James May: Our Man in Japan

If James May’s part in the Grand Tour trio isn’t enough for you, his new Amazon Prime series offers up plenty of the shaggy-haired presenter as he spends six episodes exploring the wonders of Japan.

He doesn’t do it alone, however, as along the way, he is joined by a series of helpful guides to show him the sights and a not-so-helpful robot who also gave James the name ‘Bim.’

We meet one of these guides in the bustling metropolis of Toyko and his enthusiastic and larger-than-life personality is the perfect synonym for the hectic Japanese capital.  

Meet Yujiro Taniyama

This guide is, of course, Yujiro Taniyama, who presents himself as a loyal samurai, and while it takes a while to adjust to his quirky humour and bubbly personality, especially in the bizarre setting of a fertility festival, he quickly becomes the star of the series. 

After first meeting Yujiro in the Japanese capital of Tokyo in episode 3, the eccentric guide appears in several more episodes throughout the series and as he and James get more comfortable with each other, a really strong sense of chemistry starts to emerge and provides some of the best moments of the series.

Away from being James May’s tour guide, however, Yujiro Taniyama has been involved in the world of TV before, according to IMDb

In 2008, he appeared on Keith Lemon’s Very Brilliant World Tour and has also directed a pair of documentary films in 2009’s Democracy & Obama City as well as 2015’s Scottboro Girls.

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Fans can’t get enough

It’s safe to say that Yujiro has become a huge hit with fans of James May: Our Man in Japan with many taking to social media since watching to heap praise on the hilarious and loveable tour guide.

One fan on Twitter commented: “@MrJamesMay you have to make a series with you and Yujiro, it’s a match made in haiku.”

Meanwhile, another added: “I’ve finally finished watching #OurManInJapan series, with James May – now also known as #Bim! Excellent! I really hope there’s going to be a follow-up show of some sort. Yujiro Taniyama deserves his own series!”

The trend of fans asking to see more of James and Yujiro didn’t stop as another asked: “Hi Bim, really enjoyed your man in Japan series, good work, however Yujiro your trusty guide needs his own show, what a character”

And finally, this fan has even asked to have Yujiro as his own tour guide and we can’t blame him: “Finished James May: Our Man in Japan. Quite frankly I just want Yujiro to be my tour guide. He’s just brilliant fun!”

James May: Our Man in Japan is available to stream in-full on Amazon Prime Video after it arrived on January 3rd, 2020. 

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