A look at the GAME retail stores that are set to be closing and shutting down in 2020.

2020 should be a fantastic year for video games with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both marked for the Holidays, as well as because there’s a bunch of fantastic titles set to be released including Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last Of Us Part 2. With that being said, there is bad news in regard to the fact that a bunch of GAME retail stores are set to be shutting and closing down in the year.

GAME was reported to have 609 stores in the United Kingdom back in 2012, but throughout this year the total is slated to drop from a reported 253 to 213.

This means that 40 stores are scheduled to be closing and shutting down, with only 27 having learned their fate so far.

Which GAME retail stores are closing and shutting down in 2020?

There are 40 GAME retail stores said to be closing and shutting down in 2020.

27 store closures have been confirmed with GAME closing down in the following areas:

  • Bexleyheath
  • Canterbury
  • Carmarthen
  • Derby
  • Glasgow Fort
  • Lakeside
  • Leicester
  • Mansfield
  • Norwich Chapelfield
  • Watford

The above list of confirmed closure locations comes from The Sun.

In regard to the closures, a GAME spokesman has said (via the Express): “We are working closely with landlords throughout the UK to ensure that we do not have to vacate the 40 locations which could lead to a number of job losses.

“However, we are facing a challenging retail market and GAME with its extensive retail footprint, needs to restructure and landlords need to work with us in setting realistic, fair rents.”

Certain GAME stores closing down seemed inevitable as its parent company Sports Direct reported back in July 2019 that the retailer was struggling.

“The structural and escalating shift to digital gaming and game streaming will have a significant impact on physical games retailers,” said a Sports Direct full-year report in July.

“The retail market is littered with examples of businesses that failed to adapt quickly enough to changing consumer demands,” continued the report.

“Sports Direct believes that GAME needs to diversify and future-proof its product mix if it is to keep up with technological developments and ensure that it does not become irrelevant to customers.”

GAME had hired property consultancy firm CBRE back in October 2019 to determine whether their number of shops in the UK needed to be scaled back, and in regard to further closures it reportedly depends on location and market.