The latest advert from car firm Seat pays homage to the company’s roots

Over the years, adverts for everything from perfumes and designer clothes to washing up liquid and supermarkets have all started to get more and more elaborate as competition for customers’ money increases. 

This leads to anything from huge blockbuster-quality adverts to touching commercials that leave a tear in your eye.

The latest addition from Spanish car manufacturers Seat, released just before Christmas, is another ad that manages to emotionally tug at the heartstrings.

The adorable Seat advert

The advert in question follows a young boy and girl who live across the road from each other. 

Each night, the duo spend ages communicating via morse code, flashing torches out of their bedroom windows.

However, things take a dramatic turn when the young boy reveals that he has to move away, bringing an end to their adorable friendship.

This leads the girl to put on quite a light show as she somehow manages to persuade residents in her area to participate in one final morse code message that lights up the sky. 

Where was the advert filmed?

The advert in question was filmed in Barcelona.

While the majority of the advert could easily be a suburban area anywhere in the world, the final sequence of shots, featuring the distinctive Barcelona skyline, reveals the advert’s true setting. 

As the young boy in the advert flies away on a plane, the iconic seafront of Barcelona is shown off in stunning fashion.

Why was the advert filmed in Barcelona?

The reason for the advert’s Catalan filming location is thanks to the fact that Seat are based in the town of Martorell, just outside of Barcelona itself.

As the advert was released just before Christmas, it ends with the tagline ‘Happy Holidays from Barcelona.’

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