Uncut Gems: Which The Weeknd song features in the club scene?

Uncut Gems

The popular musician plays himself in the Safdie brothers' latest.

Uncut Gems has arrived in the UK and it features The Weeknd performing an old-school favourite. 

The year really kickstarted with a glorious bang at the cinema. Firstly, we had Guy Ritchie's return-to-form with his crime-comedy film The Gentlemen, and at the same time, we tucked into Taika Waititi's divisive anti-war satire, Jojo Rabbit

We continued the January journey with Sam Mendes jaw-dropping 1917, which is arguably one of the very best war films for quite some time. However, the film to beat so far this year is undoubtedly Uncut Gems, which sees the Safdie brothers (Heaven Knows What, Good Time) deliver their most authoritative and accessible film to date. 

Let's dive into it...

Uncut Gems

All hail Uncut Gems!

The film stars Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner, a New York jeweller who juggles debts and risks as he inches closer and closer to a big score. 

Adam is often cited for a range of comedic roles, but he's proven in such films as Punch-Drunk Love that he's a skilled dramatic actor. With Uncut Gems, he locks in his very best performance to date as a gambling addict we simply cannot peel our eyes away from. 

It features a great supporting cast, including popular singer-songwriter The Weeknd - real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye - who plays himself.

Uncut Gems: The Weeknd Song

It's a throwback!

During the night-club scene, the singer performs a song called 'The Morning.'

This is taken from his debut mixtape House of Balloons, which released in 2011. This makes perfect sense, considering Uncut Gems takes place in 2012.

As highlighted by NME, the Safdies were over the moon to have it as a "real, live performance." Opening up about the artist's involvement, they added: “That was something that he didn’t have to do, but he’s like, ‘I want this to be real'... It added to the energy of the whole room. Everybody was so excited. You can just feel it bleeding out of the screen.”

It's an incredible scene. Listen to the track below:

Has The Weeknd been in a film before?

It's his film debut!

However, we may be able to expect another cinematic appearance from him, as NME notes that Josh Safdie called him "a real cinephile" as well as a good friend of the brothers. 

The collaboration makes for some seriously great cinema. 

Uncut Gems arrived in UK cinemas on Friday, January 10th and Netflix Friday, January 31st 2020. 

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