There’s a pretty big reason he’s being quoted in the comment section.

Wiley and Stormzy continue to clash, but who is Simon Minter?

This one really escalated…

After Wiley decided to go in on Ed Sheeran on Twitter, Stormzy stepped in to defend his friend and collaborator. Rather than diffusing the situation, this resulted in Wiley simply going in on Stormzy instead. 

Of course, it didn’t just end there though. Wiley dropped the track ‘Eediyat Skengman’ and the diss track war between them continues to persist. The latest to attract attention is Wiley’s third attempt, ‘Eediyat Skengman 3’, in which he responds to Stormzy’s ‘Still Disappointed’.

‘Eediyat Skengam 3’ YouTube comments

In the comment section of ‘Wiley – Eediyat Skengman 3 – Official Video (Stormzy Send)’ on YouTube, most of the comments are quotes from somebody named Simon Minter. 

Check out a selection below:

– ” ‘And didn’t you shower with your brother’ – Simon Minter”

– “ ‘Right I’ve gone for an English beat, Jake Paul’s my dad’ – Simon Minter”

– ” ‘Wonder why no one else has replied’ – Simon minter”

– ” ‘Talk about j he’s the master but he’s not the one I’m after – Simon Minter”

So, who is he?

Simon Minter comments explained

Simon Minter is a YouTube personality. 

The Hertfordshire-born 27-year-old is popularly known as Miniminter and is a member of the Sidemen. On his main channel – as noted by The Ultimate Sidemen Fandom – he makes Fifa and football vlogs and videos. 

Another of the comments on the video reads:


Whole comment section: reciting all of Simon’s diss track lyrics.”

So, what’s all that about? 

People are quoting ‘KSI’S LITTLE BROTHER – DEJI DISS TRACK’ in the comments, and on the comments of Simon’s diss track, the top one is “Who’s here after listening to Wiley’s third disstrack at Stormzy lol.”

That’s because they have the same music in the background! Check it out below:

Follow Simon Minter on Instagram

You can follow him on Instagram at @miniminter; he has 3.4 million followers. 

Interestingly, Simon actually tweeted in 2019 “This video deserves an award @stormzy” about the ‘Sounds of the Skeng’ video, to which Stormzy replied: “Thank you my bro.”

The question is, which diss track is better!?

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