The credits of The Trial of Christine Keeler features a rather familiar name.

When watching a film or TV show, it can be hard to imagine the sheer number of people and behind-the-scenes work that goes on in order to get a project to screens. 

Fans of Marvel movies, who have stuck around for end credit scenes, will know the sheer size of the production teams of the mega-expensive superhero flicks and while TV shows don’t quite boast the same number of people, a lot still goes into making a relatively small TV show in comparison.

A name that many will recognise, but perhaps not in the context of producing, is Rebecca Ferguson, who appears in the credits of the new BBC One drama The Trial of Christine Keeler.

But just who is she and what projects has she been involved in before? 

The people behind The Trial of Christine Keeler

The Trial of Christine Keeler tells the fascinating story of the controversial Profumo Affair in the early 1960s that effectively toppled the British government at the time.

The series, which currently airs on BBC One on Sunday evenings, was created and written by BAFTA-winning screenwriter Amanda Coe and features the directing talents of Andrea Harkin and Lucy Welham.

The female-led theme of the series continues in the production team which features executive producers Kate Triggs, Dougles Rae, Amanda Coe and Lucy Richer.

(L-R) Ellie Bamber, writer Amanda Coe, producer Rebecca Ferguson, Sophie Cookson, exec. producer Kate Triggs and Emilia Fox

Who is producer Rebecca Ferguson?

The series as a whole is led by producer Rebecca Ferguson, who is not to be confused with the Mission Impossible actress or the former X Factor singer.

While she may work as the series producer on The Trial of Christine Keeler, Rebecca Ferguson has held many behind-the-scenes roles throughout her career.

According to IMDb, Rebecca Ferguson began her career as a production secretary on the ITV series The Forsyte Saga which starred Golden Globe-winning actor Damian Lewis.

Since then she has also worked as a story and script editor on a number of TV series throughout the years.  

What has she been involved in?

As mentioned, Rebecca Ferguson began her career on the ITV drama The Forsyte Saga but quickly moved on to other projects such as Holby City spin-off Holby Blue, Spooks and arguably the highlight of her career, CBBC’s spy series M.I. High on which Rebecca Ferguson was a member of the production team and a script editor.

In 2015, Rebecca made her acting debut in the series The Art of Foley in which she appeared as a radio announcer.

More recent years have seen Rebecca work on the likes of Cold FeetNext of Kin and of course, The Trial of Christine Keeler.

The Trial of Christine Keeler, produced by Rebecca Ferguson, continues on Sunday, January 19th at 9pm on BBC One.  

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