Has Julia Fox had plastic surgery? Uncut Gems fans think the newbie actress is too beautiful!

Julia Fox in Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems, the sixth feature film by Josh and Benny Safdie, has completely captivated audiences with its unrelenting, anxiety-inducing exploration of New York's Diamond District.

Although the Safdie brothers pulled in big names such as Adam Sandler - in what is being received as a career-defining performance - Idina Menzel and The Weeknd, it was newbie actress Julia Fox who really shone. 

Playing a role which was, in fact, inspired by herself, Julia took to acting like a fish takes to water. Julia had met the Safdie bros back in the early 2010s, when she was something of a New York socialite on the club scene. 

Fans of the movie have fallen head over heels for Julia's beguiling looks. But are they all natural?

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Julia Fox attends the premiere of A24's

Who is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox was originally born in Milan, Italy to an Italian mother and American father. She moved to New York at the age of 6 with her father; they settled in Yorkville, Manhattan. 

Before Julia, now 29, made her name as an actress in Uncut Gems, she was dabbling in the arts. Julia has worked as a photographer, painter and also a fashion designer. She ran a clothing brand called Franziska Fox with co-owner Briana Andalore.

Now Julia moves between New York and Los Angeles and is looking to expand her acting career. 

She married private pilot Peter Artemiev back in November 2018.

Dazzling beauty beats out any gem

One thing which was as captivating for Uncut Gems viewers as the high-pace thriller was Julia's undeniable good looks. 

As she was playing the mistress and part-time shop assistant, part-time prostitute, we got to see Julia in all different kinds of roles. But she was constantly dazzling with her beauty and killer outfit choices. 

She's definitely made herself a name as an actress to watch and has gained a mega fanbase thanks to her performance in Uncut Gems. Many have taken to Twitter to praise her beauty and talent, and notably to protest the Oscar snub for Best Supporting Actress. 

Has Julia Fox had plastic surgery?

Unconfirmed, but we think not.

Julia Fox has been incredibly candid about her past, having opened up on everything to the press from her teenage overdose to her rosacea. So, if Julia had had plastic surgery, we don't think it's something she'd avoid talking about. 

The only work Julia has mentioned that she has done is false eyelashes. In an interview with New York magazine the Strategist, discussing the beauty products she can't live without, Julia mentioned that she gets her top eyelashes done. 

A tagged photo of Julia Fox on Instagram dating back to 2013 - when she was just 22 years old - shows that she has not changed physically over the past seven years, confirming our theory that she actually is that naturally beautiful. 


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Uncut Gems arrived in UK cinemas on Friday, January 10th and Netflix Friday, January 31st 2020.

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