A guide for how to complete the visit three bus stops Fortnite challenge by avoiding the ones that are not working or counting.

Season one of Fortnite Chapter 2 will be coming to an end on February 15th according to the latest reports, but before then Battle Royale players have a set of Overtime challenges to complete which include visiting three different bus stops. While this may not sound all that difficult, there is an issue in that many are not working or counting.

The latest set of Fortnite challenges have come about following the conclusion of Epic Games’ Winterfest event plus the removal of lightsabers. Some of these challenges include being the first to catch a fish, land an elimination or get their feet on the ground, whereas others simply require strolling around the map.

Below you can find a link for how to complete one of the challenges which requires you to find a few food trucks, otherwise keep reading to discover how to complete the visit three bus stops objective by avoiding the ones that are not working.

Fortnite bus stop locations that are not working

There are three bus stops you can visit in Fortnite to easily avoid the ones that are not working.

These bus stops are situated at Sweaty Sands, Pleasant Park and Slurpy Swamp. There’s another you can visit at Misty Meadows, too.

As for the bus stops that are not working, there are more of these situated at Holly Hedges, Salty Springs, Frenzy Farm, Retail Row and near Lazy Lake.

According to some users online, the issues with the aforementioned bus stops is that they’re not counting as a part of the three required to visit.

Epic Games tweeted on January 9th that they are aware of the issue with most of the bus stops not tracking correctly, but an update hasn’t been provided as of writing.

To complete the challenge without wasting time visiting bus stops that are not working, simply visit the ones on the below map coloured white as opposed to red.

Provided you do just that, you should be able to complete the challenge without any faults that aren’t your own.

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