Where are the food trucks in Fortnite? Here's how to find them all quickly!

Where Are The Food Trucks In Fortnite Here's How To Find Them All Quickly!

A guide for where to find the food trucks in Fortnite for the Remedy vs. Toxin challenges.

Despite famous Twitch streamers such as Ninja complaining that Fortnite is no longer fun to play, the game still has a massive community with dozens of people playing it on a daily basis. Following the closure of its Winterfest event, Overtime challenges have arrived, and one of its many missions includes finding three food trucks. In this article you'll discover where these are situated.

The Remedy vs. Toxin challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 have been revealed, and they include objectives such as earning three silver survivor medals as well as searching chests at seven different landmarks.

While these are objectives you'll be able to find guides for elsewhere soon enough, below you'll discover the locations for where to find three food trucks as quickly as possible.

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Where are the food trucks in Fortnite?

There are four food trucks in Fortnite and they can be found near Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Lazy Lake and Retail Row.

These four food trucks in Fortnite are named Durr Burger, Fork Knife, Snow Cones and Pizza Pit.

Once you find these different food trucks, all you need to do is approach them to complete the objective. Remember that you only have to find three rather than the total amount of four.

In addition to only needing to find three, you also don't need to discover and venture to all of their whereabouts in one competitive match.

You can find the locations for where to find the Fortnite food trucks down below:

Where Are The Food Trucks In Fortnite

As soon as you've completed the challenge be it in one match or over three, you will be rewarded with 52,000 XP and the objective will marked as complete.

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