Capcom have said that they will release a patch to fix the issues with Monster Hunter World Iceborne freezing and stuttering on PC with DirectX 12.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne was previously released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in September 2019 without nary a hiccup, but now the game has finally released on PC and Steam but with freezing and stuttering drawbacks for DirectX 12. While this is an annoying issue, Capcom has acknowledged the complaints by saying they will release a patch sometime in the future.

Championed by the likes of PC gamer as a thrilling new adventure, Monster Hunter World Iceborne is a great expansion that the master race community has been anticipating for about four months. It adds a new area and hunting mechanics, along with a dozen additional monsters to pester and topple.

However, while it’s exciting that it has finally arrived on PC, a lot of players are justifiably complaining that it’s unplayable in its current state thanks to freezing and stuttering woes.

How to fix: Monster Hunter World Iceborne on PC stuttering and freezing with DirectX 12

Capcom will fix the issues with Monster Hunter World Iceborne stuttering and freezing with DirectX 12 on PC.

The fix will be provided through a patch that will be released sometime in the future.

Some Reddit users have been complaining that the expansion is constantly freezing and stuttering for them while using DirectX 12/11. A few users have also complained that the audio in cut-scenes keeps coming out of sync and that there is a lag.

While these issues might not be strictly related to DirectX 12, Capcom has only acknowledged the API by proclaiming it results in a slight delay lag when enabled.

In response to the multiple complaints about Iceborne stuttering and freezing on PC, Capcom has responded through an official Steam announcement by saying that they are currently working on a fix to resolve the below issues:

  • Slight display lag while DirectX12 API is enabled.

  • Certain graphics cards may cause the screen to freeze.

According to Capcom, “your screen may lag 0.1 to 1 seconds with the DirectX12 API setting enabled.”

As for random freezes, Capcom says this may happen for one-to-five seconds and that it’s more likely to occur with the below conditions:

  • DirectX12 API” is disabled (DirectX11).

  • More likely to occur on NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU, with VRAM below 3GB.

Capcom has apologised for the inconvenience, but a lot of fans have understandably responded to the acknowledgement with frustration.

Reddit user SlakingSWAG says it’s disgraceful that the game is half unplayable as players shouldn’t have to deal with headaches such as experiencing three crashes and frame drops every minute.

Some have suggested that the Monster Hunter World Iceborne update wasn’t properly optimised as it has resulted in them getting 100% CPU Utilisation.

Few people have suggested updating your drivers and removing mods to fix the issues, but there are some replies which suggests this doesn’t work.

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