Death in Paradise is back on our screens this January with some new and returning faces heading back to Saint Marie.

There’s nothing better to help blow away the winter cobwebs than a bit of warm weather and lots of sunshine.

Unfortunately, warm weather and sunshine are in somewhat short supply here in the UK at this time of year.

That makes BBC One’s Death in Paradise the next best thing as viewers are treated to weekly murder mysteries set on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie where the warm Caribbean weather just oozes out of the TV.

The series has just returned for its ninth season with plenty of new and returning faces popping up in the show’s cast including the new permanent Detective Sergeant, Madeleine Dumas.

Madeleine Dumas in Death in Paradise

Madeleine Dumas made her debut in Death in Paradise during 2019’s series 8 after Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) left the show.

She was initially brought to Saint Marie from Paris in order to watch over and evaluate DI Jack Mooney and was far from pleased with his unorthodox methods at first but quickly warmed to them and decided to stay on the island.

Series 9 will see Madeleine become a regular on the murder mystery which is set for another huge shake-up later on in series 9.

Meet Aude Legastelois

Aude Legastelois is an actress many in the UK will be unfamiliar with as her acting career to date has seen her working almost exclusively on French TV.

The 31-year-old actress appeared as a guest star in the final two episodes of Death in Paradise’s eighth series and is stepping up to take on the DS role full-time in series 9.

While Death in Paradise is obviously her biggest role to date for UK viewers, it’s only her seventh acting job according to IMDb with her fist on-screen appearance coming in the 2014 short film 4 Avril 1968 before she graduated to more major roles in the likes of Nox, They Had a Dream, Back Home, Budapest and Troubled Waters, all of which are French TV shows or films. 

Other main cast members for Death in Paradise series 9

Of course, Death in Paradise will be returning with its customary cast of main characters as well as one or two new faces:

  • Ardal O’Hanlon as DI Jack Mooney
  • Tobi Bakare as JP Hooper
  • Shyko Amos as Ruby Patterson
  • Aude Legastelois as Madeleine Dumas
  • Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey
  • Nina Wadia as Anna Houghton
  • Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker

Nina Wadia and Ralf Little are two to watch in the upcoming series.

Nina Wadia’s character Anna Houghton looks set to become a new love interest for DI Jack Mooney, who many are speculating will be the reason his character leaves the show.

Ralf Little, meanwhile, will take on the role of DI Neville Parker and is set to become the show’s new leading figure once Ardal O’Hanlon’s Irish detective steps down.

Death in Paradise series 9 continues on Thursday, January 16th at 9pm on BBC One. 

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