A tweet which reads “capture the knight” teases a new Batman Arkham game from Warner Bros. Montreal which is rumoured to star the Court Of Owls.

Alongside the never-ending rumours concerning Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok, there’s also been nonstop gossiping about a new Batman Arkham game from Warner Bros. Montreal which will star the Court Of Owls for the first time in the caped crusader’s video game history. To add further fuel to the flames for the first time in 2020, the developers themselves have posted another tweet with the tease “capture the knight”.

Mumblings about a new Batman Arkham game with the Court Of Owls first appeared before The Game Awards 2018 thanks to a shirt donned by a Warner Bros. Montreal developer. This speculation was then continued back in September thanks to ominous symbols released to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 80th birthday.

Now it appears we’re closer than ever to a full-on reveal pertaining to what’s next for the greatest comic book hero of all time.

“Capture the knight” tweet teases new Batman Arkham video game

A Warner Bros. Montreal tweet with the message “capture the knight” seems to tease a new Batman Arkham video game.

This hypothetical video game has been dubbed Batman Arkham Legacy for awhile now, and it’s also been heavily rumoured to star the Court Of Owls.

Whether or not it continues to bear the Arkham trademark, it seems all-but-confirmed that Warner Bros. Montreal are nearing an announcement for a new chapter in the Batman video games.

The “capture the knight” message could imply that a bunch of villains and Gotham City itself are out to capture the Batman, and this is just one suggestion has come out in conjunction with an image released by the development studio.

This image shows a logo which appears to bear a small cross in the middle which could symbolise the Order of St. Dumas. The Court Of Owls are also hinted at again with the presence of talons, and the city of Gotham can also be seen.

Regardless of what the above logo means, hopefully the next step is Warner Bros. Montreal finally releasing a trailer.

Seeing nothing but cryptic tweets and logos has for some people become tiring and obnoxious, and it’s about time the eager masses see what’s next for Batman as the Arkham Knight was nearly five-years ago.

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