Fans have been gathering around with popcorn patiently awaiting the responses.

The Wiley vs Stormzy feud continues to heat up and the king of grime title may very well be on the line. 

When musicians fall out, it’s often swiftly made a spectacle of. However, in the rap game, it’s so much more than that. Arguably, there are few things more exciting than seeing popular artists you know and love go head-to-head with strings of diss tracks. 

The beef between hip-hop titan Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly still remains fresh in our minds, but the escalating war between Wiley and Stormzy makes all of that look like child’s play!

It started when Wiley – often named the Godfather of Grime – began to disrespect Ed Sheeran on Twitter, and phrases like “culture vulture” were thrown around with abandon. Stormzy, being a collaborator and friend of Ed’s, decided to help him out and tweeted out to Wiley in the pop star’s defence. 

Yeah… Wiley didn’t like that at all. He then decided to go in on Stormzy, and as the social media spectacle began to simmer, he pushed it to the next level with a diss track named ‘Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)’. 

Wiley vs Stormzy lyrics explained: Mum War

So, how did the mum war start?

Stormzy replied to the first diss track with one of his own called ‘Disappointed’. It warranted a second track from Wiley, but the rapper decided to take things further and mention Stormzy’s mum in the track. 

He included the lyrics like “ask your mum where she knows me from” and “if I see your mum down Croydon market, I’m gonna rip that weave off her head.”

Obviously, this didn’t go down well with Stormzy, and he replied with the track ‘Still Disappointed’ which included a bunch of lyrics talking about Wiley’s mum. He strongly suggests that Wiley moved his mum to Cyprus after they were targeted by London gangsters. Check out the lyrics:

“But since you wanna diss my mum so much, let’s talk about why you moved your mum to Cyprus. That poor little woman was scared of the house ‘cah you put her life in danger you p***k. Bricks and shots just fly through the window. You couldn’t be the person to save her, you p***k. Instead of you to squeeze the pumpy, you said, ‘Yo mum, we gotta leave the country’. I never wanna hear you say, ‘Free the mandem’, let’s go Cyprus and go free your mumzy. Got mumzy banged up abroad, all because her son was a fraud…”

Stormzy drops Heathrow terminal 4 diss

One of the most talked-about lyrics of ‘Still Disappointed’ involves Heathrow terminal 4. 

On the track, Stormzy says: ” You got mumzy banged up abroad. You got mumzy ran off the ends, and it’s foul ’cause it ain’t her fault. She was tryna relax but her son got caught in a war. One day there’s dons at the door, then next day Heathrow Terminal 4. It’s a shame, what she needed was a strong man in the house. F**k that, I’ma be the man of your house.”

It’s easy to see why listeners have highlighted these lyrics. They’re savage!

However, Wiley actually responded to such lyrics in a recent tweet, saying: “My mum had a holiday in Cyprus and came back to London… she loves London like me and you… you lot are the most fickle people on Earth.”


King of grime feud rages on

In ‘Still Disappointed’, Stormzy challenges Wiley’s status directly with the lyrics: “Oh it’s the king of grime, king of grime. How’s he the king of grime but on drill? Now I’m the king of grime, I won’t chill. King of grime, oh it’s no big deal. See this ting? Yeah, I run that.”

He pokes fun at Wiley here for dubbing himself the king of a genre he’s potentially straying from.

We’re all keen to see who’ll be king when this is all over!

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