Everything you must know about the preload and release time for Monster Hunter World Iceborne on Steam.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne comes out today on PC and Steam. The expansion has received strong reviews with the likes of PC gamer championing it as a thrilling new adventure, and in this article you’ll discover its release time as well as news pertaining to whether or not you can preload it.

For PC gamers it’s been a wait to receive Monster Hunter World Iceborne as the expansion had already released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in September 2019.

The good news is that you master race loyalists no longer have to wait months or even days to experience the new set of monsters and features, but there is bad news concerning its release time and preload on Steam.

What is the release time for Monster Hunter World Iceborne on Steam?

The release and unlock time for Monster Hunter World Iceborne on Steam is 17:00 GMT on January 9th.

As for the United States, Monster Hunter World Iceborne will launch at the times of 09:00 PST and 12:00 EST.

These are the launch times for the game on Steam where you can pre-order it for £41.99 ($49.99).

It comes with new hunting mechanics, a new quest difficulty named Master Rank, a new and unexplored environment called Hoarfrost Reach as well as a bunch of additional monsters to pester and topple.

When can you preload Monster Hunter World Iceborne on Steam?

You cannot preload Monster Hunter World Iceborne on Steam.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion will only be downloadable from Steam at the release and unlock times mentioned above.

When the expansion launches, players will be able to download the mandatory patch version 10.12.00. This patch weighs in at 48 GB plus 45 GB more if you have the High Texture Resolution Pack installed and enabled.

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