It’s January 2020 and the vegan buzzword can be seen plastered across everything you look at from Instagram hashtags to the shop windows in Greggs. The latest addition to enter the vegan hall of fame is the squishy lunchtime snack we all adore, the glazed donut.

I’ve been eating vegan for around two months now. It may not sound like much – and anyone with the plant emoji stuffed into their Instagram bio would surely hurl abuse at me if they saw my morning honey on Weetabix routine – but it still trumps the vast majority of chumps competing in this month’s social trend, Veganuary.

Changing the world’s eating habits and shifting our rabid obsession with devouring meat could be the best social decision first world culture has demanded in a very long time. If only it was achievable without the need to brag on social media.

The latest chain to cash-in on the swarming popularity of being vegan schmegan is Greggs.

Somehow, out of nowhere, the cheap pastry shop that clutters high streets as much as iPhone repair stores has shifted its reputation from a pit stop for cheap sausage rolls to a safe heaven for lost vegans endlessly wandering the UK high street in search for something they can eat.

First rolling out the vegan sausage roll before moving onto the steak bake, the success Greggs has had with it’s new plant-powered menu has even seen staff members receive huge bonuses, with a £300 million payout across the company.

More vegan products are sure to hit the shelves but which ones are actually worth purchasing? Here’s HITC’s verdict on the vegan iced donut.

Why aren’t donut’s vegan?

For anyone looking to get into the vegan business, it can be something of a minefield at first. Just look at Google and the vast amount of questions asking; is corona vegan? I chewing gum vegan? Are KFC chips vegan? And many, many more.

While some products aren’t classified as vegan because of the manufacturing process or cooking process, such as Burger King’s new plant-powered burger which is cooked in beef fat, the donut conundrum is pretty square. 

Donut’s are not vegan because they use eggs and milk. But that’s where Greggs come in.

About the Greggs vegan donut 

For starters, you need to be aware that the vegan donut may not be in every Greggs across the country right now.

However, the one we bagged from Bristol cost 60p, or there was an offer for two for £1.

Energy (per portion): 804 kJ

Energy kcal:191 kcal

Fat: 6.4 g

of which Saturates: 2.3 g

Carbohydrate: 29 g

of which Sugars: 13 g

Protein: 4.1 g

Salt: 0.44 g

Allergies: Wheat and soya

WARNING: There are many different donuts in store and the glazed vegan donut was not specifically labelled a ‘vegan donut’. Be sure to ask the staff which one is the vegan donut so they can point you in the right direction.You can’t just waltz into a Greggs, bag a donut and walk out assuming what you’ve purchased is vegan.

Greggs: Glazed ring vegan donut review – 4/5

The glazed ring donut is actually one of my favourite, although it’s pretty hard to mess up.

I’m not a margherita pizza guy, cus’ that is plain f**in boring, but when it comes to a sweet treat then nothing can beat the simple combination of icing and dough.

In terms of taste, the donut is no different to it’s non-vegan planet-destroying iced ring brother with texture it’s only let down.

The vegan version isn’t as moist and the frosted icing is more flakey, making it a nightmare to attempt to eat without white icing scattered down your front.

For 60p, however, there can be absolutely no complaints. Delicious, and definitely worth an Instagram post…


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