Wiley isn’t the only one in the family to go after Stormzy with diss tracks.

The beef between Wiley and Stormzy shows no signs of slowing, but who is brother Cadell?

Well, this is certainly gonna get worse before it gets better!

Stormzy is one of the most popular artists on the planet right now, and for good reason. Back in 2017, his debut studio album – Gang Signs & Prayer – cemented his status as a remarkable talent in the mainstream music landscape. 

Once championed solely by grime fans, it was soon clear that his appeal stretched further than that – much further. 

It was the first album of its genre to reach number one on the UK Albums Chart, and fans swiftly began to anticipate his follow-up. After much patience, his sophomore effort – Heavy Is the Head – released December 2019. It was worth the wait, but you don’t get to the top without attracting some negativity. 

Nevertheless, it’s shocking to see how much comes from Wiley alone.  

Stormzy: Disappointed

We’ve gone into detail about the feud between the two rapper’s, which you can check out here

In a nutshell,  41-year-old Godfather of Grime Wiley went in on Ed Sheeran on Twitter and Stormzy came to his ‘Take Me Back to London’ collaborator’s aid. 

Since then, it has morphed into a social media battle between the two of them, complete with diss tracks!

Wiley unveiled ‘Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)’ on Sunday, January 5th 2020 and Stormzy soon responded with ‘Disappointed’ a day later. He doesn’t hold back with the lyricism, but listeners are curious about Wiley’s brother Cadell, who Stormzy references on the song. 

Wiley’s brother Cadell

As highlighted by Capital XTRA, Wiley’s half-brother Cadell is also a Grime MC. 

He has a range of material out there to tune into, but in this case, it’s worth spotlighting that he had a feud with Stormzy as far back as 2015!

That year, he dropped a diss track aimed at Stormzy titled ‘Hotline’ in which he essentially said he was a better rapper, going as for to include such lyrics as “I could’ve got a MOBO last year if I tried” in the follow-up, ‘Hotline 2’.

Considering Stormzy had just scored the award, it didn’t take much for people to connect the dots

Months later, many fans suspected that lyrics “Man try say he’s better than me, tell my man shut up” in the artist’s colossal single ‘Shut Up’ were are aimed at Cadell. It’s certainly plausible, but we suspect he had more than a few names in mind. 

More fire from Cadell!

It didn’t cease there though. 

Cadell also released a cut called ‘3 Is The New 6’, which used bars from Stormzy’s aforementioned hit single and remixed them. 

Although they didn’t earn a direct response, people believe Cadell is referenced on such tracks as ‘Scary’ and more. 

There’s no way to be totally sure, but with Stormzy’s ‘Disappointed’, the lyrics spell it out rather plainly: “I came to your show and moved to your brother in front of your dad. Your old man just stood there p***ed, I said paps why you look so sad? Shoulda known better. You know I had to show your little brother I’m harder”.

We expect this rivalry will produce more diss tracks to come. 

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