Ed isn’t the only to take a hit from the London rapper.

The beef between Ed Sheeran, Wiley and Stormzy lasted far longer than predicted…

Music beef is nothing new, admittedly. However, it’s always sure to raise a few eyebrows, and the bigger the names, the higher the brow. We’ve seen some particularly intriguing feuds over the years in the music industry, with the most apparent probably being between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. 

The performers threw diss track after diss track at the other, both gaining widespread attention from fans and beyond. As it went on it grew tiresome and petty and people eventually lost interest; the longer it goes on, the less of a spectacle it becomes, unless your last name is Gallagher. 

We’ve seen celebrity beefs with Madonna and Lady Gaga, Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Kanye West and more. Now, we’re turning a keen eye to Wiley’s comments about Ed Sheeran – again!

Wiley performs on stage during day 2 of South West Four Festival 2019 at Clapham Common on August 24, 2019 in London, England.

Wiley Ed Sheeran beef: What happened?

Ed Sheeran isn’t the only one to fall target of Wiley’s Twitter rants.

As reported by Metro, artists from Ed to Drake were earlier pulled up by the 40-year-old rapper; indeed “the war has started,” as he says. 

He referred to both Ed and Drake – undeniably two of the biggest musicians on the planet –  as “pagans”, even going as far to critique them as “the two worse culture vultures on this planet” – strong words!

Also, he claimed that Ed’s recent song ‘Take Me Back To London (feat. Stormzy)’ used his sound. Certain tweets have since been deleted, but of course, nothing’s ever truly gone in the internet age. Fans are still learning of Wiley’s comments towards Ed.

A good look? Definitely not after Stormzy’s Wiley Flow!

Maybe the reason for Wiley dragging up Ed’s name again is because he didn’t get a reaction last time. Maybe persistence will prove to be the key.

Back in August – as highlighted by the BBC – he launched some tweets going in on the aforementioned ‘Take Me Back To London’. One of these said: “I’m sick of people using grime to look good for two minutes.” Another added: “Don’t come to grime if your a clout chaser and a culture vulture stay away.”

The same source notes that collaborator Stormzy was quick to defend Ed: “No Wiley you know Ed been doing this from early, been a real one from early, can’t question that, you know I love you and respect you brother but nah don’t do that.” He’s even gone and dropped the excellent new song called ‘Wiley Flow’, which begins with a sample of Wiley saying “… all you man are my youngers.” Stormzy comes in with the first line: “If you can’t do 10k first week then I don’t wanna hear no chat about numbers.”

Metro now reports that the argument between Stormzy has been unearthed on Twitter again, with Wiley saying: “I’m old but you was tryna work with Jay Z who Ed brought in the room cos if it wasn’t for Ed that session would not of happened lol your not with us your with them #Pagan I am 10 years younger than Jay Z and I will merc you every day of the week #YourEasy #TooEasy.”

Both have responded numerous times, with Stormzy weighing in: “You are a p***k coz you dm me all the time like it’s mad love and we’re brothers and then you come on the internet and act weird and the reason that makes you a prick is because you know I won’t ever say anything on the TL because arguing on the net has never been my style…”


Wiley talks Maya Jama on Eediyat Skengman

Wiley has hit out at Stormzy once again, but this time, it’s with a diss track. 

The rapper recently unveiled the cut ‘Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)’ and he certainly doesn’t hold back. However, British TV and radio presenter Maya Jama gets a rather unexpected mention in the track. 

In one lyric, Wiley says: “I ain’t gonna chat any s**t about Maya, she’s cool. So we ain’t gonna do the whole Maya ting.”

Wiley and Ed worked together once

Wiley actually featured on the track ‘You’ from Ed’s EP No.5 Collaborations Project back in 2011. Things have certainly changed since then. It’s good that Strormzy has defended him, as it’s sure that Ed has always been interested in exploring different genres, it’s nothing new.

There’s nothing wrong with big names taking inspiration and trying different things, and it’s nothing new either. If Wiley continues to lash out, it could seriously backfire. 

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