Is The Bonfire of Destiny a true story? Viewers can’t believe harrowing events in French Netflix drama

The Bonfire Of Destiny Netflix Main Cast

Netflix's The Bonfire of Destiny tells the harrowing story of the fire of the Bazar de la Charité but is it a true story?

As Netflix's audience continues to grow on a global scale, the demand for more diverse content has also risen at a dramatic pace. 

This has meant that more and more foreign-language films and TV shows are making their way onto the streaming service, whether they're Netflix originals or are created through a collaboration between Netflix and another TV channel.

For the new French series, The Bonfire of Destiny (or Le Bazar de la Charité to give it its French title), Netflix have teamed up with French broadcaster TF1 to create the fascinating new series.

But is The Bonfire of Destiny based on real-life events?

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The Bonfire of Destiny 

The Bonfire of Destiny tells the horrific story of the Bazar de la Charité, a yearly charity event in Paris that in 1897 was the victim of a vicious fire that killed over 100 people. 

The series itself follows some of those killed in the blaze as well as the survivors who seek to learn the truth behind the fire's cause.

The Bonfire Of Destiny Netflix Main Cast

Is it a true story?

Yes. Although, strictly speaking, The Bonfire of Destiny is based on the true story as a few changes have been made to the show for dramatic purposes, as is often the case with TV series.

While the real fire did indeed leave 126 people dead and a further 200 people injured, most of whom were aristocratic women, the blaze is believed to have been an accident and the death toll was so high due to crowd panic and a lack of exit signs.

In the Netflix series, however, this is changed as one of the key plot points in the show is a mystery about who started the fire and why.

The Bonfire Of Destiny Netflix

When to watch

The Bonfire of Destiny aired earlier in 2019 on France's TF1 and arrived internationally on Netflix on December 29th, 2019.

The series, which consists of eight episodes is available to stream now. 

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