It’s been 10 years since the sitcom Miranda first hit our screens and its creator Miranda Hart has been celebrating the occasion.

Miranda Hart has been a larger than life force of comedy over the past 20 years.

Whether you know her from her self-titled sitcom Miranda, her stand-up shows or even one of her various roles in film or TV, you’re bound to have seen something with the 47-year-old comic and actor in.

Without a doubt, Miranda Hart’s biggest hit has been her self-titled sitcom, which is loosely based on her own life.

The show, which first aired in 2009, follows the socially awkward Miranda as she almost bumbles through life in search of a relationship while her mother intends to marry her off to the first Tom, Dick or Harry to walk through the door.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Miranda, viewers were treated to an entertainment extravaganza in the form of My Such Fun Celebration, a look back at the much-loved sitcom which has also happened to get fans asking whether or not the real-life Miranda had had the same luck as fictional Miranda in finding herself a husband.   

Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration

After making its first appearance on our screens in November 2009, Miranda celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019 and, as a result, viewers were treated to a special one-off show from Miranda Hart titled Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration.

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The show, which was performed in front of an audience at the London Palladium, hit our screens on New Year’s Day 2020 and featured key members of the cast from the original Miranda series as well as a few other special guests, including music from non-other than McFly.

Miranda’s on-screen husband

During the Such Fun Celebration, Miranda Hart was reunited with her on-screen husband Gary, played by the actor Tom Ellis.

Throughout the original sitcom, the pair spend three series awkwardly flirting before finally tying the knot in the series finale in 2015.

Miranda’s reunion with her on-screen husband has left many fans curious about whether or not the real-life Miranda Hart has had any luck in this area since the sitcom ended in 2015.

Is Miranda Hart married in real life?

No. We understand that Miranda Hart is neither married nor in a relationship in real life. 

The 47-year-old has rarely spoken about her private life but has reportedly admitted in the past that she has felt lonely until she welcomed her dog, Peggy, into her life. 

On Valentine’s Day in 2018, Miranda Hart invited lonely fans to get in touch with her over social media in order to spread a bit of cheer on a day that isn’t so pleasant for people without partners.

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