Everything you must know about what a Kadomatsu is in Mario Kart Tour and how to hit three with an item in a single race.

The New Year event for Mario Kart Tour has kicked off and it will culminate on January 15th. This event has brought about new cups as well as the daily log-in bonus of rubies, and it has also introduced new challenges which include hitting a Kadomatsu three times with an item in a single race.

Mario Kart Tour had an excellent 2019 in which it was dubbed the best sports video game of the year by some as well as one of the best Android, and Nintendo have kicked 2020 off in style by adding back all exclusive characters for a couple of weeks.

However, away from the above, below you’ll discover what a Kadomatsu is and how to hit three with an item in one race.

What is a Kadomatsu in Mario Kart Tour?

A Kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese decoration to celebrate the New Year that has been introduced in Mario Kart Tour.

They are typically placed outside of homes in pairs and in Mario Kart Tour they can be found on the Tokyo Blur 2 course in the Mario Cup.

How to hit a Kadomatsu three times in one race in Mario Kart Tour

You will easily find four Kadomatsus in the Tokyo Blur 2 course in Mario Kart Tour. Two are situated at the end of the race by either side of the finishing line, meanwhile there are two more just before that are equally hard to miss.

Perform the challenge on 50 CC so you can easily spot and hit them with an item. Also make sure to use a driver who can pick up more than one object from an item box otherwise it’ll be near impossible to complete the challenge.

When it comes to positioning, you want to stay in about middle place during the race so you receive offensive items as opposed to defensive or speed-inspired that’ll take you from last to nearly first.

Finally, when you receive an offensive item such as the common green shell, it’s important to hold onto this weapon until you come across a Kadomatsu.

Once you come across one and have a weapon in your possession, you’ll want to throw your item while steering into the Japanese decoration.

The challenge shouldn’t cause you too much trouble, but the best aim would be to hit two on the first lap, and then simply hit the other at the finishing line on lap two.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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