Guy Ritchie is back, bigger and doing what he does best.

The Gentlemen has finally arrived and Bugzy Malone fans are in for a right surprise!

Guy Ritchie’s cinematic style is certainly an acquired taste, but if he’s your cup of then you’ll likely never grow tired of sipping away. Few filmmakers make films as rewardingly rewatchable as he does…

Back in 1998, Guy immediately made a name for himself with a directorial feature debut hailed as one of the best films of the nineties, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

It was hilarious, fresh and audiences downright demanded more. Following up success like that is never easy, and the sophomore effort can often be a tricky task, but in 2000 he sculpted Snatch, which arguably remains his greatest achievement to this day. It’s admirable just how many consider it their favourite film of all time, but it really is an absolute blast every single time. 

He dipped his toes back into the realm of gangsters and geezers with 2008’s RocknRolla, but after a string of more adventurous efforts, he’s back in firmly familiar territory for 2020. 

Bugzy Malone in The Gentleman

Considering The Gentlemen was long foreshadowed as a return to form, it was no surprise to see many how many stars gladly hopped aboard the project. 

You have the likes of Hugh Grant (Paddington 2), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar), Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), Colin Farrell (In Bruges) and more lighting up the screen. However, we didn’t expect Bugzy Malone would be right there with them!

The 29-year-old British rapper – real name Aaron Davis – plays the role of Ernie, and of course, there’s the music. Check out the character spotlight below:

Bugzy Malone on Twitter 

The rapper has headed over to Twitter to express his excitement with the opportunity. 

In a recent tweet [see below] he wrote: “My debut acting role in one hell of a film!! Thank you Guy Ritchie for the opportunity to star in your new masterpiece of a movie @TheGentlemen_UK the fact that I made a track for the film still blows my mind. Out cinemas now!!!”

In another tweet posted out in December, he revealed: “I told my agent tell Guy Ritchie he don’t need to pay me, as I was watching Snatch… that’s my all-time favourite gangster movie…” 

Talk about living the dream!


Fans talk Bugzy Malone’s acting debut

Most are still flocking out to see the film, but it’s already received attention across Twitter. 

A couple of people have reacted to Bugzy Malone’s presence specifically. Check out tweets below:


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