Liverpool are heading into the new decade flying at the top of the Premier League.

Paul Merson has claimed that it’s ‘odd’ no-one is talking about Liverpool going 49 games unbeaten and matching Arsenal’s record this season.

The former Gunners player has backed Liverpool to reach that record, as he pointed out that if they do reach 49 league games unbeaten then they will face off against Manchester City to make it 50 unbeaten. 

Liverpool are 13 points clear at the top of the Premier League table, and whilst they have not been beaten since their defeat at Man City in the league last season, they have taken their game to the next level this term.

Arsene Wenger was the man who guided Arsenal to 49 games unbeaten before it came to an end against Manchester United, and Merson has queried whether it can now be matched. 

“Liverpool have got this massive habit of winning matches even when they’re not playing well, which is a fantastic trait to have,” Merson told Sky Sports. “I haven’t heard one person talk about Liverpool getting near the 49 unbeaten of Arsenal. It’s never talked about, it’s odd. You look at it and think: ‘Who is going to beat them?’

“You have to score two or three goals to beat them, and they won’t get beaten by a lesser team! They might get beaten by a top-six team, at a push, but there won’t be a shock below that. Their 49th game would be against Manchester City at the Etihad. Wow. I think they are the only side that can stop them.

“Liverpool are more likely to get to the 49th game unbeaten than not. They could draw six of the next eight games and still win the league – Personally? I’d rather go the whole season unbeaten! To go that long without winning the league, and to then win it without losing a game would be phenomenal.”

Liverpool also ended 2019 unbeaten at Anfield in all competitions, as their final match on home soil resulted in them beating Wolves by a narrow margin.

Whether Liverpool can do the unthinkable and go unbeaten, it remains to be seen. If they continue in their current ways then the Premier League title will be wrapped up pretty soon.

When they can do that, and they are still unbeaten, then the talk of going the season unbeaten will begin to hot up, but at this moment in time, there’s no chance it’ll be in the minds of the Liverpool players. 

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